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1. As long as a parent adequately cares for his or her children, there will normally be no reason for the state to inject itself into the private realm of the family to question their ability or decisions.
2. State, Federal
3. Sole Legal- custody given to one parent to make decisions on behalf of the child.
Sole Physical- a parents right to have a child reside with him or her and the obligation of that parent to provide for the child’s daily routines.
Joint Legal- both parties agree to work together to make major decisions affecting the child.
Joint Physical- A child maintains a residence at both homes.
4. Void- a nullity and it’s considered invalid from its conception despite being declared in a court of law/
Voidable- recognized as valid for all purposes until it’s judicially declared a nullity.
-Void Marriage---INCEST (brother marrying sister, or his aunt)
5. Religion, Disability, Race, Child’s Preference, and Separating siblings
6. Time schedules, Decision making protocols, Expectations for parental cooperation and communication, Dispute resolution options, and Financial support agreements
7. Abstention Doctrine, Domestic Relations
8. Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol- seeking to annul the marriage on the ground that he/she was under the influence of liquor and so inebriated that he/she didn’t understand the nature of the ceremony or it’s legal effect.
9. False, True, False, False, True, False, True, False, False
10. Adultery- serious endangered social and psychological consequences
Cruel and Inhuman Treatment- defendants conduct must be serious and not merely an indication of incompatibility.
Mental Cruelty- Bodily harm or apprehension. Humiliation of another human reducing them to tears.
Desertion- cessation from cohabitation
Habitual Drunkenness- fixed habit of frequently getting drunk. Continued drinking.
Indignities- humiliating and degrading as to render the condition of intolerable life burdens.
Constructive Desertion- basis to grant relief to a spouse driven from home by partner
Impotency- inability to perform sexual activity.

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