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Montaigne Power Of Imagination Essay

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Brittney TaylorMusic 101Homework09/29/2014Song - King Sunny Ade- Mount Sinai guitar starts0:04- drum start, Guitar continues0:08- opening vocals begin, drums and guitar continues0:21- guitars get louder0:23- Background vocals begins song turns into an independent polyphony0:33- background vocals continues0:40- guitar and drum sound increases and a different rhythm is played0:58- lead vocals solo return and drums continues1:02- background vocals returns and drums continues1:10- drums and ...view middle of the document...

55: lead vocals sing a repeated rhythm2:02: background vocals and drums2:15- lead vocals solo and drums2:21 background vocals returns with drums2:28 vocals disappear and guitar is played at a high rhythm with drums in the background2:36: lead vocals solo return with drums2:45- background vocals returns with guitar playing in the background2:55 guitar and drums play only3:08 lead vocals return3:11 only drums play with the guitar in the background3:17- lead vocals solo returns3:18 guitars hits a high note3:25 - background vocals returns with drums3:31- different rhythms being played with guitar3:45- lead singer returns with drums and guitar is in and out3:53- background vocals returns with drums and different rhythm guitar4:01- guitars and drums at different rhythms4:07- lead vocal solo returns4:15- background vocals returns, high pitch voice4:21- lead vocals solo with drums4:28- background Vocal with drums4:33- lead vocals solo and drums, with a light guitar rhythm in the back4:41 - background vocals and drums4:47- lead vocals solo with drums4:54- background vocals being played along with drums5:00- guitar and drums at different rhythms5:03- lead vocals solo with guitar in and out with drums5:11 background vocals and drums and guitar starts to fade as song comes to a ending

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