Both Novice And Expert Play A Vital Role In Discovery

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Discovery could come to anyone who wants to. It is not an aberration that novice opens the new realm of the inquiry with an important discovery. However, there seems little doubt that well-prepared researchers have had more chances to find revolutionary discovery than beginners.Great discovery needs intense preparation rather than good luck. This is because experts could precisely recognize what is valuable when the moment they detects a discovery. There is an old saying, "People could see to the extent of their knowledge." This illustrates the point that assimilating related information and knowledge is one of the most essential factors for the incredible discovery. For instance, both Newton and Einstein, two of the most creative people in the history, had made a thorough preparation for their brilliant ideas which brought on science revolution. Einstein stuck to an experiment which reassessing the heritage of the physics while other theoretical physicist researched with the result of a previously performed investigation. Also, Newton issued the remarkable book, The optics, after he had studied it for 30 years.On the other side, Non-experts also make a disclosure of their noteworthy finds. It is because that Beginners put a question to everything natural for those who have studied for a long time. Furthermore, novices sometimes make a mistake which causes momentous results. As a representative example, The discovery of Koichi Tanaka who won Nobel chemistry prize in 2002 is a result from a blunder which is dropping glycerine into the cobalt power. If he had been an experienced chemist, He would not have done it.It is through a cooperation between experts and non-experts that immortal finds could be exposed more. A fresh point of view of Beginners would invoke imagination of experienced researchers. Though not a direct assist, It could be a very intuitive sources of ideas that make the experts realize an ignored but notable look.On balance, Newton could discover the law of gravity for the first time with the hint from the scene falling apple, while uncountable apples fell in front of other scientists before him. Were it not for expertise, most of the renowned discoveries would have not unveiled. Therefore, the most important thing for those who wants to make significant discoveries is to make a preparation with all their heart. And then they could get help from the beginner's novel ideas.


How does fate play a role in Oedpis - AP English - Essay

809 words - 4 pages Robert Clark AP Lit Sept 25 2018 Oedipus Title Blindness in Oedipus the King It is very possible that people can be blind to the truth. For what they have been asking for or wanting to know could be sitting right in front of them, but they can’t see the answer. They were blind to the truth, they couldn’t see it. Similarities have been found between being enlightened and being blind. It is said that a blind person can see invisible things. They

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674 words - 3 pages SREYA GUTTA I. What comes to your mind when I say sticky rice. Some sticky rice in a bowl with chopsticks, right! What if I told you the same sticky rice can be used to stick everything from paper to bricks. In fact, it was actually used to build dynasties and shape kingdoms! A. Today I will tell you about the story of sticky rice. B. I have done extensive research through numerous resources and research articles about how sticky rice was used

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1400 words - 6 pages obvious to the audience because both worlds are null of law, order and mortality. Both settings do not represent honor, but it is through the role of Falstaff that a means of irony he is created in order to understand and reflect upon the disorder on the other layer. In addition he is simultaneously dignifies but also humiliated.The relationship between Falstaff and Prince Hal is an unusual one. The two frequently exchange spontaneous, good-natured

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1295 words - 6 pages , practices, performances, are transplanted to other places, they both bear the marks of history as well as undergo a process of cultural translation. The different meanings ideas or images acquire depend on the highly varied local spaces into which they are introduced and the equally varied local conditions under which they develop. The usefulness of an informed ethnography resides in its capacity to comprehend the local as it articulates the global

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1564 words - 7 pages explained includes Ralph having a desire to squeeze and hunt. Compared to war and bloodlust, soldiers may have a desire to shoot and kill. The boys have one main thing in common with soldiers of war, both have a dominant need to survive.Innocence vs. ExperienceBefore the boys reach the island, they were innocent. Innocence is a term used to indicate a general lack of guilt, with respect to any kind of crime, sin, or wrongdoing. It can also refer to

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3505 words - 15 pages Cox 1 Nathan Cox Dr. Williams Shakespeare 1 May 2018 Kate’s Final Speech: An Act of Theatricality and Role-Play In discussing ​The Taming of the Shrew​, Katherine Minola’s final speech seems to be obligatory, a pivotal question that elicits a response from generations of readers. As such, the speech is widespread in its interpretations, and its explications are at variance, all of which consider its full dramatic context. In it, literary critics

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1123 words - 5 pages and passing on, the individual strives and pushes themselves to their limits just in order to continue their existence. The role of survival is linked in both stories by irony and symbolism in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” and foreshadowing and symbolism in “To Build a Fire”. Individuals may strive for survival, but it is the fittest who will endure.Source: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierceand To Build a Fire by Jack London

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548 words - 3 pages Free Thompson 1 Sarah Thompson Mr. Clarke English 9A 25 October 2016 To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird ​by Harper Lee revolves around a case that demonstrates the prejudices and racism of the time. The story exhibits the notion that fear and racism is often more powerful and is often the driving force behind people’s decisions rather than reason and intelligence. Decisions and actions backed by racism in the novel are very common. The major

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4368 words - 18 pages Free care is delivered (Coombes and Dillon, 2002). If, like many nurse consultants, s/he acted as an adviser to the NHS at regional and national level, this would provide a direct link between strategic level decision making and hands on expert patient care, so benefiting both patients and the nursing profession (Adam, 2002).The role of the consultant nurse in the author's clinical area could be considered particularly useful in its relative infancy

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1205 words - 5 pages absorbs the players, and through this dynamic, we see how their use of play serves as an escape from reality. Gadamer's model also incorporates an aspect of risk, as "there is a risk whether or not it will 'work', 'succeed', and 'succeed again', which is the attraction of the game." (373) Both concepts, those of escape from reality and the risk in the display of art/play, parallel those of Freud. Yet Gadamer goes on to further his point by stressing

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545 words - 3 pages : How is knowledge dangerous (Frankenstein and in general) P2: Why is knowledge destructive P3: How does knowledge challenge destructive Intro: From the beginning of time the limitless pursuit of knowledge reveals man’s weakness. Modern society provides humans with a wide variety of sources on how to gain knowledge, both good and evil. The protagonist in the novel Frankenstein by Nick dear exemplifies that behaviour of the ideal man is grasping for

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703 words - 3 pages Disease Outbreak 2 TITLE Outbreak Name Makundi, Yvonne Instructor Julie Mathew Submission October 10th, 2018 Introduction An airborne virus threatened the country in this film. This was a result of a monkey from Africa smuggled in California, United States carrying a virus that is life threatening. A team of physicians and disease expert was brought including

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964 words - 4 pages Free and confidante, than Othello would have had his good advice and honesty there to guide him. By separating the two friend's Iago put himself in a position to be the only voice Othello could hear. Cassio's removal was of great importance to Iago.However, this importance was not because of who Cassio was, but rather, because of where he was: at Othello's right hand. This is a vital difference between Shakespeare's minor characters and major

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744 words - 3 pages Free considered Catharine’s feelings and discussed their differences. However, Eddie was rash and a spiral of the causes and effects that leads Eddie to his destruction. Overall, Arthur Miller uses of both Greek and modern characteristics to classify A View From The Bridge as a tragedy. Work Cited Miller, Arthur, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. A View from the Bridge: a Play in Two Acts. Penguin Books, 2010.

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4118 words - 17 pages informative learning for both the young and the old. Because learning is both for the young and the young at heart.Growth is a part of development and everyone would have to develop the maturity to be able to learn to accept change in the society. As what Alex Thio stated during the so called sexual revolution:"…the sexual revolution does not mean Americans have gone wild. Rather it means that people now show more tolerance for the behavior