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1 March 2018
My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun (764)
Emily Dickinson is the author of the poem that express her anger of life as loaded gun to describe her feelings. When her owner sees her
In poetry, My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun by Emily Dickinson, the author is to express her feeling of herself as loaded gun to describe the frustration of life. She mentioned that her life was that working in corners as her expression to convey the life and also as soon as her boss saw her in the moment would have asked her to do things for him where she would have to do it to survive. Moreover, she would have used opposite of feelings to describe her emotion because it would be better for her to not to take negative feelings too seriously during the time. Even if she would have smiled in such pressure situation as not to show any negative feelings. And the working was done, it would be the time she would have free her mind and body to relax in the deep pillow as her words to portrait the allegory. In addition, she described that her boss would have live longer than her to express another allusion because she had done working for her boss so her boss would have made a lot of money that make him live longer but she was so frustrated and tired being working without any power as a worker. I believe that the author had a lot of negative feelings while working for her owner as an employee and describe her feelings in an indirect way to express her angers in the poems.
My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun -
In Corners - till a Day
The Owner passed - identified –
And carried Me away – (1-4)
In the above first through fourth line, the author was described that her feeling as loaded gun to express how rock-bottom her life was in the moment. The life wouldn’t be that hard if someone could use it as an expression must have been very pressure at that time. In addition, she worked in an office where she had to sit until end of the day which she had to work in the corner in the office. And every time when the owner/boss came across her would have asked her to come and require things what she needed to be done for. The only way to survive was to do things that he was asking because she knew that it would be the only reason why she worked for boss as a way of survive. In other words, her boss was the person who paid her check so that she had to work for him. Although the job was frustrating and boss wasn’t so kind to her but she had no choice of life at that time so she had to work as hard as she can. Although, in these line of the poetry, she had used her emotion with indirect words to express her feelings and also what I can see is that as loaded gun would be the first imaginary as evidence that she was expressing her frustration. I could imagine how the life was that someone would use loaded gun as words to express angers. In the first line “My Life had stood ...


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