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Meron Hagos
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My Wedding Day
March 6th,2014 was my wedding day. I Had done everything to make it perfect as I dreamed
About, and the day I was expecting for so long, finally come. In my country, Ethiopia, the wedding
ceremony is different from the rest of the world starting from the morning lasts in midnight. My
favorite was the wedding party at night my husbands too. I want the day to go as my culture he
comes to my family’s house and take me to take pictures at the zoo, and luxury hotel. Then after
the photo program finished, me and my husband went to the main ceremony which was located in
Addis Ababa 4 kilo street “Hilton” hotel and started at 6:00 PM.
I was up early in the morning to get my hair done before my husband come but I was tired that
I didn’t get much sleep. All my family members like my uncle, brothers, sister, friends and cousins
come a day before the wedding and everyone were in the mood to dance, play, eat, and talk so that’s
what we did that the reason for my tiredness. After I got my hair done it was time for me to wear
my gown it was the beautiful dress I have ever seen in my life I can’t wait for my husband to see
me wearing that amazing dress and I was all ready to go. Finally, my groom has arrived looking
handsome as always but today was little bit different the way he dressed, his hair and everything
was perfect. He come to me and kiss me in the mouth and take me to the living room and had
breakfast with everyone in the house and after, it was time to say goodbye to my mom, dad, sister
and brother cause after that day on I don’t live there anymore; so it was emotional moment my mom
was crying, and I give her a huge and tell her it going to be okay then I left with him.
The photoshoot program was scheduled by the photographers me and my husband were just
following th...

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