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Children and their mothers in Jakarta followed a very poor and unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition. In addition, poverty and unemployment rates were so high, as well as the average income for one person was very low. All of these, however, was considered as a problem and was targeted to solve by organizations. However, the healthy food market in Jakarta has witnessed a failure, since demand and supply levels are very low due to the high price of them. Furthermore, only unhealthy food was supplied in the market due to people lacking finances or knowledge to buying healthy and sanitized food. As a solution for this problem local governments must be asked to help. For instance, applying people from the government to monitor the level of cleanliness of food supplied and provided can be considered as one. Another way where we can address this conflict is by having communities and charities, such as UNICEF, in that part of the world to provide a good education and food. Moreover, governments can consider changing the economy from a free market to a mixed one, where governments can have at least a saying on the prices allocated and what is supplied.
Risks in the two-layer model are more present than in the three-layer one. Reasons behind this assumption is due to the fact that in the two-layer model, more capital has to...


DiscDiscrimination Against “Illegitimate” Children and their Mothers - English - Essay

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2700 words - 11 pages Free Ballor and Poehlman, people who did anaerobic exercises lost more weight as their lean body mass (LBM) and resting metabolic rate (RMR) increased compared to those who did not exercise, showing no changes in their RMR and LBM(Alexander, 2002).For every kilogram of muscle mass gained from anaerobic exercise, the body burns 21 kcal, causing weight loss, resulting in an increase in LBM(Strasser, 2010). Also, resistance training has showed a

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416 words - 2 pages , Wolk A. 2006. Calcium and dairy food intakes are inversely ssociated with colorectal cancer rist in the Cohort of Swedish Men. Am J Clin Nutr. 83(3):667-73. Murphy et al. 2013. Consumption of dairy products and colorectal cancer in the European Prospectice Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC). PLoS One. 8(9):372715. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072715.

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8971 words - 36 pages innovative products and an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding employment environment. A business culture which is flexible, never bureaucratic and has a sense of history, honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of business and support for the Waitomo community in which the company operates.It has to be said that the fact that BWR does not have a mission does not mean it is not a serious organisation due to the very strong culture that it possesses

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2285 words - 10 pages of national capital region of India. The roles are studied against the theoretical framework using established principals of project management practice and their adaption in the varied typology of projects. The paper talks about the landscape of a developing country, where most of the company’s and consultants are accustomed to traditional practices of construction project management which is similar for every project, whether success or a