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On-Line Learning Modules Immigrant and Mexican American Domestic Violence Or Family Violence (Module 4B) Module On-Line Weekly Synopsis and Term Paper Each student should summarize the article in their case study module and submit it over the email each week. Students who did not fulfill the requirements for the case study interview should do the current module reading each week and make up the module for the weeks in which they have missed a grade by 12-1-2001. These modules are the basis for your term paper. It is expected that you will synthesize the information in the module articles in your term paper. The synthesis of the literature in a review involves comparing author's concepts, theoretical explanations and research results in order to group instances in which repeated research supports use of a concept, theory or research findings or where conflicting results have been obtained and further research is needed. In a synthesis, you are expected to group author citations supporting a statement in your paper and not to discuss author's work on a one by one basis- what you might call single file. All of the peer-reviewed journal articles assigned in the readings this semester begin with a literature review, which provides an example of the synthesis that is espected in your module based term paper.9-2/4 Module 4: Lown, E. Anne & William A. Vega. (2001). "Prevalence and Predictors of Physical Partner Violence Among Mexican American Women." American Journal of Public Health, 91(3), 441-445. [Proquest Database] Domestic or Family Violence QUESTION SET: Compare and contrast rates of domestic violence among Mexico- born and U.S. born Mexican origin women. What factors are associated with an increased risk for domestic violence? What factors are "protective," reducing risk of domestic violence? What types of public health policy directives are suggested by Lown and Vega (2001)? 9-9/11 Module 4: Arguelles, Lourdes & Anne M. Rivero. (1993). "Gender/Sexual Orientation Violence and Transnational Migration: Conversations With Some Latinas We Think We Know." Urban Anthropology 22(3-4): 259-275.Domestic or Family Violence QUESTION SET: Discuss how Latinas are at increased risk for sexual violence because of an economic need to cross borders. Indicate how sexual orientation impacts on risk of violence and its traumatic consequences.9-16/18 Or Jasinski, Jana L. & Glenda Kaufman Kantor. (2001). Pregnancy, Stress and Wife Assault: Ethnic Differences in Prevalence, Severity and Onset in a National Sample." Violence and Victims, 16, 3, 219-232.[On Reserve] Domestic Violence QUESTION SET: Discuss whether pregnancy is a direct cause of domestic violence. What social factors are predictive of risk of domestic violence? Compare and contrast the prevalence and degree of domestic violence among Hispanic and Anglo women during pregnancy. What do Jasinski and Kantor believe should be done when pregnant women receive health screening? 9-23/25 Van Hightower, Nikki R., Joe Gorton & Casey Lee DeMoss. (2000). "Predictive Models of Domestic Violence and Fear of Intimate Partners Among Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Women." Journal of Family Violence 15(2): 137-154.Domestic Violence QUESTION SET: 9-30/10-2 Coohey, Carol. (2001). "The Relationship Between Familism and Child Maltreatment in Latino and Anglo Families." Child Maltreatment, 6(2), 130-142.Domestic Violence Question Set: There has been very little research on how changing gender role attitudes and behavior have impacted on levels of domestic violence among mainstream and minority groups. Discuss Morash and Santiago's research findings on the relationship between economic hardship, changes in gender expectations and roles among Mexican origin couples and domestic violence. Why does the Mexican origin husband develop a strong need for control and become abusive? What do Morash and Santiago predict about the relationship between changing gender roles among Mexican origin woman and violence in the future/ 10-7/10-9 Ferreira-Pinto, Joao, Rebecca L. Ramos & Alberto G. Mata Jr. (1999). "Dangerous Relationships: Effects of Early Exposure to Violence in Women's Lives on the Border." In Loustauna, Martha Oehmke & Mary Sanchez-Bane (Eds.), Life, Death and In-Between on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Asi es la vida." Pp. 61-76. [On Reserve] Domestic Violence QUESTION SET: Discuss Ferreira-Pinto, Ramos and Mata's modification of the Cycle of Violence theory. To what degree were these Mexico-born women exposed to violence in the paternal family, physical and sexual abuse? Discuss the role of attraction to "Dangerous" sexual partners in entering into a physically abusive relationship. What was involved in the initiation of abusive episodes? Why do these relationships persist? Is their modification of the cyle of violence theory justified? What very important changes do they suggest should occur in social intervention programs? 10-14/10-16 Module 4: Baker, Charlene K., Julia L. Perilla & Fran H. Norris. (2001). "Parenting Stress and Parenting Competence Among Latino Men Who Batter." Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 16(11): 1139-1157. [Proquest Database] Domestic Violence Module: What did Baker, Perilla and Norris find out about the relationship of parenting stress and competence among abusive Latino fathers and Latino mothers to battering and child maltreatment. How does the male breadwinner role impact on parenting stress, competence and abuse? 10-21/23 Module 4: West, Carolyn M., Glenda Kaufman Kantor & Jana L. Jasinski. (1998). Sociodemographic Predictors and Cultural Barriers to Help-Seeking Behavior By Latina and Anglo American Battered Women." Violence and Victims, 13(4): 361-375. [On Reserve] Domestic Violence Module: Discuss West, Kantor and Jasinski's findings regarding how risk factors for domestic violence differ between Latina and Anglo women. What were the social characteristics of Latina women who sought help? Compare and contrast the prevalence of informal and formal help seeking among foreign-born Latinas, U.S. born Latinas and Anglo women What factors were associated with help-seeking? What factors did West et. al. find were cultural barriers to help-seeking among Latinas? 10-28/30 Module 4: Frias-Armenta, Martha.& Laura Ann McCloskey. (1998). "Determinants of Harsh Parenting in Mexico." Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 26(2): 129-139.Domestic Violence Module Question Set: Discuss the component beliefs encompassed in the concept of authoritarian parenting style. What types of family dsfunction were placed in the "latent variable" constructed by Frias-Armenta and McClosky? How were authoritarian parenting and family dysfunction associated with child maltreatment? 11-4/-6 Module 4: Jasinski, Jana L., Nancy L. Asdigian & Glenda Kaufman Kanter. "Ethnic Adaptations to Occupational Strain: Work-Related Stress, Drinking and Wife Assault Among Anglo and Hispanic Husbands." Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 12(6): 814-831. [Proquest Database] Domestic Violence QUESTION SET: Compare and contrast how Hispanic and Anglo males cope with work related stressors. Explain the relationship between work stressors, drinking and domestic violence among Hispanic husbands. What do they suggest for policy development with regard to the economic situation of the Hispanic population? 11-11/13 Terao, Sherri Y., Joaquin Borrego, & Anthony J. Urguiza. (2001). "A Reporting and Response Model for Culture and Child Maltreatment." Child Maltreatment, 6(2), 158-168.Domestic Violence Question Set: Discuss Weller, Martin and Lederach's considerations in responding in cases of court-attached family mediation for family litigants. What cultural factors do the authors emphasize are important in family disputes? What is the Lederach model of five facets of third-party involvement in Latino family disputes? What would be elements of a new type of mediator role for Latino families? What do the authors specifically emphasize in defining acceptable behavior and promoting self esteem, motivation and communication? 11-18/20 Sharma, Anita. (2001). "Healing the Wounds of Domestic Abuse: Improving the Effectiveness of Feminist Therapeutic Interventions with Immigrant and Racially Visible Women Who Have Been Abused." Violence Against Women, 7, 12:1405-1428. [Proquest Databases] Domestic Violence Question Set: According to Sharma, what are the basic principles of feminist therapy? What limitations does this therapeutic approach have in dealing with the situation of immigrant and racially visible women? What realities do these women face which feminist therapy hasn't taken into account? What changes in feminist practice can take these realities into account? 11-25 Module 4: Caetano, Raul, John Schafer, Catherine L. Clark, Carol B. Cunradi & Kelly R. Raspberry. (2000) "Intimate Partner Violence, Acculturation, and Alcohol Consumption Among Hispanic Couples in the United States." Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 15(1), 30-45. [Proquest Database] Domestic Violence Question Set: Discuss the impact of acculturation and drinking on Hispanic domestic violence patterns. What was the prevalence of partner violence by level of acculturation? At which level of acculturation was drinking most associated with domestic violence? At which level of acculturation was approval of use of physical aggression highest? What was the relationship of concordance or discordance in couple's level of acculturation and male to female perpetrated violence (MFPV) and female to male perpetrated violence (FMPV). What are the risk factors and protective factors which affect levels of MFPV and FMPV. Discuss how levels of acculturation of partners in couples influences domestic violence outcomes.12-2/4 Module 4: Panzer, Paula G., Marie B. Philip, and R. Anna Hayward. (2000). "Trends in Domestic Violence Service and Leadership: Implications for an Integrated Shelter Model." Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 27(5): 339-352.Domestic Violence QUESTION SET: Discuss how trends in domestic violence management have been away from hierarchical models and towards non-traditional models of leadership. What characterizes an activity-based, informal model of leadership? What are components of successful mental heath interventions in domestic violence? Discuss the collaborative leadership and services offered at one shelter.


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