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On Line Learning Modules Immigrant And Mexican American Domestic Violence Or

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On-Line Learning Modules Immigrant and Mexican American Domestic Violence Or Family Violence (Module 4B) Module On-Line Weekly Synopsis and Term Paper Each student should summarize the article in their case study module and submit it over the email each week. Students who did not fulfill the requirements for the case study interview should do the current module reading each week and make up the module for the weeks in which they have missed a grade by 12-1-2001. These modules are the basis for your term paper. It is expected that you will synthesize the information in the module articles in your term paper. The synthesis of the literature in a review involves comparing author's concepts, ...view middle of the document...

Rivero. (1993). "Gender/Sexual Orientation Violence and Transnational Migration: Conversations With Some Latinas We Think We Know." Urban Anthropology 22(3-4): 259-275.Domestic or Family Violence QUESTION SET: Discuss how Latinas are at increased risk for sexual violence because of an economic need to cross borders. Indicate how sexual orientation impacts on risk of violence and its traumatic consequences.9-16/18 Or Jasinski, Jana L. & Glenda Kaufman Kantor. (2001). Pregnancy, Stress and Wife Assault: Ethnic Differences in Prevalence, Severity and Onset in a National Sample." Violence and Victims, 16, 3, 219-232.[On Reserve] Domestic Violence QUESTION SET: Discuss whether pregnancy is a direct cause of domestic violence. What social factors are predictive of risk of domestic violence? Compare and contrast the prevalence and degree of domestic violence among Hispanic and Anglo women during pregnancy. What do Jasinski and Kantor believe should be done when pregnant women receive health screening? 9-23/25 Van Hightower, Nikki R., Joe Gorton & Casey Lee DeMoss. (2000). "Predictive Models of Domestic Violence and Fear of Intimate Partners Among Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Women." Journal of Family Violence 15(2): 137-154.Domestic Violence QUESTION SET: 9-30/10-2 Coohey, Carol. (2001). "The Relationship Between Familism and Child Maltreatment in Latino and Anglo Families." Child Maltreatment, 6(2), 130-142.Domestic Violence Question Set: There has been very little research on how changing gender role attitudes and behavior have impacted on levels of domestic violence among mainstream and minority groups. Discuss Morash and Santiago's research findings on the relationship between economic hardship, changes in gender expectations and roles among Mexican origin couples and domestic violence. Why does the Mexican origin husband develop a strong need for control and become abusive? What do Morash and Santiago predict about the relationship between changing gender roles among Mexican origin woman and violence in the future/ 10-7/10-9 Ferreira-Pinto, Joao, Rebecca L. Ramos & Alberto G. Mata Jr. (1999). "Dangerous Relationships: Effects of Early Exposure to Violence in Women's Lives on the Border." In Loustauna, Martha Oehmke & Mary Sanchez-Bane (Eds.), Life, Death and In-Between on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Asi es la vida." Pp. 61-76. [On Reserve] Domestic Violence QUESTION SET: Discuss Ferreira-Pinto, Ramos and Mata's modification of the Cycle of Violence theory. To what degree were these Mexico-born women exposed to violence in the paternal family, physical and sexual abuse? Discuss the role of attraction to "Dangerous" sexual partners in entering into a physically abusive relationship. What was involved in the initiation of abusive episodes? Why do these relationships persist? Is their modification of the cyle of violence theory justified? What very important changes do they suggest should occur in social intervention programs?...

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