Study Notes Of Lectures On Markov Assumptions, Machine Learning, Brain Learning, Types Of Learning, Memory, And Qualia

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Markov assumption = given the state, you don’t need to know the pastRepresentationsDifferent degrees of specialization-Some neurons good at specific recognition, some better at generalIf you have neurons that combine and spread out, synthesis of neurons, not a separate neurons for each specific feature in the world-smaller amount of neurons to avoid exponentiallyBINDING PROBLEMMinimize connections in the brain-Modularity-Related areas are next to each otherMANY LEVELS TO THE BRAINWhat/where pathwaysSensory motorBrocas and Wernicke’s regionsHow memory worksDisruption of memory of letters by counting backwardsTransfer of info from STM to LTMHow emotion ties to different parts of ...view middle of the document...

Different parts of the brainLots of different sub modules and chunks of processingLife is way more complicated than explained in this courseLearningEvolution DarwinianOperant Conditioning PavlovianReasoning Popperian, Bayseian, logicDifferent modes of perceptionDidn’t even cover logicComputers can do amazing things, but it doesn’t feel impressive and as if they can think and are intelligentThe logical reasoning is the easy partThe hard part is perception and unconscious decision makingMANY FORMS OF LEARNINGHabituation (less response), habituate the external stimuli (scratchy sweater you ignore it) and the difference between Long Term PotentiationOperant/Pavlovian conditioning-US,CS,CR-SS vs SR, using experiments to understand itReinforcement learning (RL)-Rescorla-Wagner-Learning by surprise, blocking-Exploration vs exploitationHIPPOCAMPUS IN TAXI DRIVERS IN LONDON GROWS over time-birds, voles, taxi cab driversDon’t learn when no surpriseWhere different types of memory occur in the brainSemantic, episodic, and skillDifferent species of birds have diff hippocampi-birds of same size that travel more have larger hippocampi-probably from evolutionScalingAnother reason for modules, evolutionary benefit to separate modulesEach module can evolve on its ownEX: Watchmaker trying to assemble a watch, every 3 minutes, the phone rings and you lose apart the watch-if you have separate modules, put together each module separat...


Learning Paper

2067 words - 9 pages Problem-Based Learning, students are not just sitting behind a desk listening to the teacher lecture, instead they are interacting with the topic using their own ideas to help solve problems. Everyone has a different way of learning which is easier for them. Some of these different types of learning include: visual, hands on , auditory, written, and kinesthetic. The great thing about Problem-Based Learning is that its gives the student the opportunity

Learning Paper

650 words - 3 pages trickle down to the very dependents of each and every employee.On the other hand, if a decision is a wise one, the fruits would be beneficial and would be able to propel a company to greater heights. Therefore, from the lessons in the class, a decision can be made with great confidence if such is based on qualitative and economical studies.From this scenario, one of the important learning is the analysis on the basis of a decision. There should be a

Models Of Behavior And Principles Of Learning

1839 words - 8 pages motivates my nephew to wake up compliantly and on time, that is increasing the probability of that behavior. Hence, this is a negative reinforcement.10. Define observational learning. Describe the conditions that make a model's behavior most influential.Observational learning is the individual, after simply watching another person's actions or behaviors that was reinforced or punished, later behaves in much the same way. Although there are many

Learning Styles Paper

504 words - 3 pages themselves and others, mounting evidence suggests the two types are distinct and separate. Kinesthetic learners want to sense the position and movement of what they are working on. Tactile learners want to touch. Let's work with this stuff. Most assessments group kinesthetic and tactile styles together, though they mean different things.We can sometimes sense the way people process by listening to the words they use to describe learning

liberal learning Essay

484 words - 2 pages . From one stand point, one can agree with Oakeshott and Bennett in that teaching should not merely consist of a teacher relaying facts and knowledge to a class of students. Instead conversation should ensue between both parties in order to further stimulate learning and promote independent learning. Yet on the other hand it can also be argued that students will not be able to acquire the knowledge of a teacher through conversation alone, and

Transfer Of Learning: Not Just An Afterthought

1782 words - 8 pages $100 billion (Gist, 1990). If employees are seen as resources, then money spent on training must be viewed as investments in human capital development. ?Transfer? refers to the implementation in the work environment of the skills acquired during the training program, and the maintenance of these acquired skills over time (Baldwin and Ford, 1998).Transfer of learning needs to be a concern to all who plan, teach, evaluate, attend, and support

The Social Learning Theory Of Bandura

1690 words - 7 pages activities.Based on Social Learning Theory, criminal behaviour is maintained through a complex schedule of reinforcement and punishment throughout the life of the individual. The reinforcement for criminal behaviour comes from both internal and external sources. Reinforcement can be in the form of tangible rewards stemming from the criminal activity itself such as an outlay of money, or from a social perspective like an increase in peer status. (Blackburn, 1993

Psychology of learning disabilites - grad school - assignment

768 words - 4 pages defined and assessed on a regular, ongoing basis in the classroom which provides a better way to evaluate the progress of learning disabled students. Standardized tests are often implemented to document students’ achievement of annual goals, as well as for issues of accountability. These tests allow schools to compare themselves to other schools in regards to student achievement. They also ensure accountability for teachers, and has the ability to

Learning Team Analysis Of Business Specialties

1930 words - 8 pages Free would be wise in investing in a consulting firm. For the reasons outlined above, consulting with an outside source could lead to additional funding, lower employee turnover, and better client satisfaction.The matrix of team skills offered an easy evaluation and examination of our learning team member strengths. Collective strong points demonstrated potential ability to successfully operate three types of consultant firms. The consultant firms of

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694 words - 3 pages office. She has worked there over 5 years. She has identified her adult learning style as a tactile learner. Tactile learners are people who learn best by doing. These learners rely on touch, taste, smell, and feelings to learn well. Tactile learners often take notes during a lecture, but never look at them again. Learning is based on how the individual brain processes information and the environment provided to learn this information in. Tactile

Peer Learning Summary

657 words - 3 pages . It was found that peer-based learning is much more helpful and efficient than learning by doing for most employees. Additionally employees forgot a lot less information when it was taught to them by their peers and it also increases the long-term productivity growth of new sales people.Next the article goes into more specifics on this idea and situation. According to the text it is incredibly important for new sales people to work with very

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336 words - 2 pages CommunicationLearning StylesCommunication and collaboration of three learning style and three personality types."What is effective for one learner may be ineffective for another."(Honingsfeld and Dunn, 2006)Learning styles tell how to effectively process communication and personalities tell how to effectively collaborate among peers and others in the educational realm and in the employment field chosen for a career. It is important to recognize

Learning Team Charter

552 words - 3 pages Untitled Learning Team Goals (May include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals, etc.) Main goal is to prioritize our assignments and collaborate with the team members to ensure assignments are completed always on time. Extend support to team members in case of any difficulty putting together the content. Team development: to connect and link people in our own and other teams. To develop sense of

Motivation and Learning Methods - Writing - Essay

2411 words - 10 pages ), looked at the verbal knowledge, working memory, and processing speed of older adults and how these factors contributed to their learning abilities. Verbal knowledge, working memory, and processing speed are important factors when it comes to learning new information and a new language. The participants in this study were randomly selected from a longitudinal study on cognitive aging. Three hundred and thirty-six participants, 46% females and 54

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2044 words - 9 pages courts, “Tort Law”, “Negligence”, "Contract Law”, “Employment Law”, “Insurance Law”, the methods of carrying on business, and the “Sale of Goods” during this semester. The reason why I decided to take Business Law this semester is that I am majoring in Marketing Management and I always think that learning Business Law can help me know more about the legal system in Canada and can protect myself while dealing with legal issues in Canada. Also, the