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OCTOBER 3, 2017
10/3/2017 Assignment 1 1
CHAPTER 1, P.21, Q1
Based on the above model :
B) Automobile Manufacturer
Source : Selection of supplier, set of prices & payment details for raw material and automobile
equipment such as electronics, tires, wipers, carpet material, etc.
Make : Major facilities where automobiles are assembled. Subassembly of spare parts. Coordination of
equipment and workers.
Deliver : Once car are fully assembled, cars are sent to dealerships who will then sell the cars to market.
Delivery of spare parts to wholesale system.
Return : Recalls of defective equipment, repair damaged parts who are still under warranty.
C) Hospital
Source : Selection of suppliers for medical equipment, cleaning services, food services.
Make : Making required rooms in hospitals like operating rooms, emergency room, storage areas.
Deliver : Ambulance pick ups, doctors to perform surgeries, invoicing system for patient expenses.
Return : Monthly check-ups, follow up results with doctors, billing errors/collection.
CHAPTER 1, P.21, Q3
We would prefer to go for cruise lines which have introduced such onboard innovations as wave
machines for belly boarding and rock climbing walls, as well as all sorts of other amenities to keep
cruisers involved. The industry is doing record business as well.
10/3/2017 Assignment 1 2
CHAPTER 6, P.191
A) Avis has 10 buses traveling to and from the airport at one time.
Throughput rate: 60 mins/2mins = 30 buses
Flow rate: 20/60 = 1/3 hours
Inventory = Throughput Rate X Flow Rate
= 30 X 1/3
= 10 buses
Avis Car Rental Buses
Order of
1 min 2 1 20 22
2 min 4 2 20 24
3 min 6 3 20 26
4 min 8 4 20 28
5 min 10 5 20 30
6 min 12 6 20 32
7 min 14 7 20 34
8 min 16 8 20 36
9 min 18 9 20 38
10 min 20 10 20 40
11 min 22 1 20 42
12 min 24 2 20 44
13 min 26 3 20 46
14 min 28 4 20 48
15 min 30 5 20 50
16 min 32 6 20 52
17 min 34 7 20 54
18 min 36 8 20 56
19 min 38 9 20 58
20 min 40 10 20 0
21 min 42 1 20 2
22 min 44 2 20 4
23 min 46 3 70 6
24 min 48 4 70 8
25 min 50 5 75 10
26 min 52 6 80 12
27 min 54 7 85 14
28 min 56 8 90 16
29 min 58 9 92 18
30 min 0 10 95 20
b. every 0.5 min means 60/1/2= 120 buses per hour, but this reduces the average waiting time, but
has no effect on the average traveling time. The average traveling time does not change and will
remain 20min.
10/3/2017 Assignment 1 3
A) Throughput rate: 60 births
Throughput time: 2/7 weeks
WIP= Throughput rate X Throughput time = 60X 2/7 weeks
= 17.14 mothers per day staying at the Children’s Hospital
WIP= Throughput rate X Throughput time = 210 X 2/7 weeks
= 60 mothers per day at the Swedish Hospital
B) The directors will be incorrect. When combined, the total number of mothers will increase in one
given hospital. It will have on average 77 mothers combined when compared...


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