Pablo Escobar, Robinhood Vs Hero Lakeside/ English Essay

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Flores 1
Michelle Flores
Professor Morrow
GEW 101
9 December 2016
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Emilio Escobar was a worldwide Colombian drug lord, who gained the respect and loyalty of those who were apart of his hometown. During Escobar’s lifetime he built himself into this Robin hood character where many people from Medellin started to see pass this vicious killer who had no remorse killing others who disobeyed him or who were just a hindrance to his success. His helpful contributions to the communities who lived in poverty viewed him as this heroic figure. The passion he had for public interaction showed this great leader figure who gave back to people. He did so by building houses, hospitals, and schools and by donating his money to those of the less fortunate. He was a man with big dreams who aspired to be wealthy. Pablo Escobar became an outlaw, due to the violent acts that were happening before and after he was born. Along, with living in poverty contributed to who he became.
There is a period in history that has marked the country of Colombia in a negatively way, and until this day continues to have been the worst in all of the country’s history. It is known by the name of “La Violencia”, it is stated by Jenna L. Bowley in her article Robin Hood or Villain: Social Construction of Pablo Escobar, that it was said to be “a nightmarish period of bloodletting” (18) that occurred from 1948 through 1958. The people of this country lived in a non-stop violent environment that occurred for a period of ten years. This phenomenon was a war between the Colombian Conservative and liberal party that involved a political conflict between the both. During, “La Violencia” the lower class were the ones who were greatly affected, they felt as if the actions both political parties decided to act upon. In consequence, to the violent acts the two preformed upon each other over the years. Pablo Escobar along with others had to grow up living among the terrifying brutality that was taking place in a country him and his family called “home”. The quality of life Escobar chose to go after is in part justified by the actions of the political and social conditions that were occurring during Escobar’s childhood. As a child, he grew up living among one of the most difficult times in Colombia’s history. As a result, of the brutal undertakings that occurred, this Robin Hood character evolved upon Escobar and soon he saw himself as someone who could give back to the poor by stealing from the rich. For him it seemed like a normal lifestyle to live by since, he was use to the murders and violence that went on his actions were appropriate.
In addition, to Escobar’s choice of life and bettering himself, he was motivated by the fact that him and his family came from a modest living. They lived in a small town Antioquia, in Colombia later moving into Envigado. His Mother was Hermilda and father, Abel. His mother was a schoolteacher; Escobar’s father on the other hand was a humble...

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