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Bri Warnock
Professor Golson
English 101
18 February 2019
Abortion Should Be Illegal
Abortion has existed for thousands of years all across the world, and it has incessantly been a contentious subject. For instance, near the time that the Constitution was produced and ratified, abortion was sustained and generally performed. It was not until the middle of the 1800s that people saw abortion as an appalling choice, so states began generating laws that would cause abortion to become illegal. Abortion then became legal in 1973 due to the Roe v. Wade court case, this infuriated several people. The majority of the people to this day that are unhinged by the case decision, are 100% pro-life and claim that it is murder due to the fact that its definition says: it is the ending of pregnancy due to the removal of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus. People see abortion as another type of birth control, but it should be illegal because it decreases the number of adoptable babies, it is used as a cover-up, and it technically is murder.
Infertility is the inability for a woman to become or remain pregnant. About 10% of women in the United States are incapable of achieving pregnancy and ⅓ of fertility problems are because of males. Infertility can transpire if a woman is unable to: release eggs from her ovaries, make her eggs reach the uterus from the fallopian tubes, get her egg to connect with the man’s sperm, or make her fertilized egg stick to the walls of her uterus. It can also occur if the male has an insufficient amount of sperm, if their veins on their penis are above average, if their sperm is damaged from an accident, or if their sperm is oddly shaped. Infertility can be treated so that couples are capable of becoming pregnant, but in cases where treatment is out of the question, they must adopt in order to attain parenthood. Due to the fact that not every person can become pregnant, people should place their babies up for adoption rather than aborting them. Around 135,000 children from the United States are adopted annually and sometimes it is because of the fact that fertility complications exist. Planned Parenthood’s annual statistics in 2015 on the topic of abortion versus adoption choice, showed that the company accomplished 321,384 abortions and only 3,889 adoption requests. These numbers showed that the legalization of abortion led to the number of adoptable babies to decline.
Abortion is also used as a birth control, so it can cover up people’s mistakes, but people should use the other methods before they even get to the point to where they decide to terminate the embryo. About 33% of people that are not in serious relationships use condoms and about 62% of the United States population uses birth control. When you add these two percentages, they equal 95% which seems like a lot, but people never think about the fact that some people on birth control use condoms too, so this number in reality is much smaller. Ev...


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