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Dynamics Multiple Choice Homework
PSI Physics Name____________________________________
1. In the absence of a net force, a moving object will
A. slow down and eventually stop
B. stop immediately
C. turn right
D. move with constant velocity
E. turn left
2. When a cat sleeps on a table, the net force on it is
A. zero
B. directed upward
C. directed downward
D. directed in the horizontal direction
E. more information is required
3. When the engines on a rocket ship in deep space, far from any other objects, are turned off, it will
A. slow down and eventually stop
B. stop immediately
C. turn right
D. move with constant velocity
E. turn left
4. In order for a rocket ship in deep space, far from any other objects, to move in a straight line with constant speed it must exert a net force that is
A. proportional to its mass
B. proportional to its weight
C. proportional to its velocity
D. zero
E. proportional to its displacement
5. If a book on the dashboard of your car suddenly flies towards you, the forward velocity of the car must have
A. decreased
B. increased
C. changed direction to the right
D. become zero
E. changed direction to the left
6. Which Newton’s law can explain the following statement that we often see on the highway display: “Buckle up –it’s the State Law”?
A. First Newton’s Law
B. Second Newton’s Law
C. Third Newton’s Law
D. Gravitational Law
E. None from the above
7. A spacecraft travels at a constant velocity in empty space far away from any center of gravity. Which of the following about the force applied on the spacecraft is true?
A. The applied force is equal to its weight
B. The applied force is slightly greater than its weight
C. The applied force is slightly less that its weight
D. The applied force must perpendicular to its velocity
E. No applied force is required to maintain a constant velocity
8. A boy rides a bicycle at a constant velocity. Which of the following about the net force is true?
A. There is a net force acting in the velocity direction
B. There is a net force acting opposite to the velocity direction
C. The net force is zero
D. There is a net force acting perpendicularly to the velocity direction
E. None from the above
9. A passenger standing in a moving bus, facing forward suddenly falls forward. This can be an indication which of the following?
A. The bus speeds up
B. The bus slows down
C. The bus doesn’t change its velocity
D. The bus turns to the right
E. The bus turns to the left
10. A passenger standing in a moving bus, facing forward suddenly falls backward. This can be an indication which of the following?
A. The bus speeds up
B. The bus slows down
C. The bus doesn’t change its velocity
D. The bus turns to the right
E. The bus turns to the left
11. A passenger standing in a moving bus, facing forward suddenly falls to the right. This can be an indication which of the following?
A. The bus speeds up
B. The bus slows down
C. The bus doesn’t change its velocity
D. The bus turns to the right
E. The...

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