Assignment On No Means No

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Instructor: Sima Otsuka, M.S.
Biology - Natural & Environmental Sciences Office Phone # (703) 878-5622
Office Room # 310 WAS (New Building) email:
Students may contact me by email, phone, or office visit. If I am not available at the time of contact, I
will respond to your inquiry within 2 days if not sooner.
Text Book: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, 14th Edition
by Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson ISBN#: 978111834500
Laboratory Book: Required Allen: Laboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology, 5th Edition ISBN#: 978111834498
Lab Saf ...view middle of the document...

10% of the test score will be deducted for
missed information on the scantron. 3. The time allotted for each test is 1 hour. Late arrivals for the test will only have the remaining time to complete
the test. 4. No makeup tests without a valid (example; physician note) excuse. No exceptions.
5. Grade Scale: A: 90 & up, B: 80 & up, C: 70 & up, and D: 60 & up.
2. LAB REQUIREMENTS: 160 points.
The best four out of five lab practical scores will apply toward your final grade. Each lab practicum is worth 40 points. The questions are adopted from the lab manual, the handouts, models, microscope slides and the experiments or lab exercises performed in the lab.
Testing Regulations:
1. Students must obtain a "#882 E" scantron sheet for each lab practicum. No Scantron, No test.  2. The test information must be included on the scantron as instructed. 10% of the test score will be deducted for
missed information on the scantron.
3. The time allotted for each lab practicum is 45 minutes. Late arrival results in loss of 50% of the test score. 4. Lab safety rules apply during the examination. Students without proper attire will not be allowed to take the test.
5. Grade Scale: A: 36, B: 32, C: 28, and D: 24, & F:23 6. Absolutely no makeup is given for a missed lab practicum.
1. If time allows, all the assigned lab activities must be completed during each lab period. The undone work must be completed at home as instructed.
2. Any undone work results in loss of up to 10 points per lab practicum.
LAB WORKSHEET: Up to 25 points will add to the lab grade
1. To earn up to 25 points, the students must complete "Review and Using Your Knowledge" exercises found at the end of each lab unit.
2. These exercises will be collected on the day of practicum. 3. All turned in assignments must be stapled; otherwise no extra points will be awarded. No exception.
Note: The total lab points that can be earned is160 points.

LECTURE PRESENTATION: Up to 20 points will add to the lecture grade
1. Students may earn up to 20 points by giving a 5-10 but no longer than 15 minutes presentation on topics covered (chapters 1 - 17) in this semester.
2. Presentations are given during lecture or lab time. 3. How to choose your presentation subject- You may use the web or other resources to find an interesting or an
uncommon anatomical or physiological disorder in any organ system that we are learning this semester. 4. You must submit a typed summary (include the reference) of the subject on the day of the presentation or via
email prior to the day of presentation. 30% of the grade will be deducted with no summary.
5. Students who desire to give a presentation must sign up by Labor Day (deadline) and an email to confirm their scheduled presentations.
6. Scheduling is based on the students' last name in alphabetic order. 7. Presentation Criteria:
 Attire: 2 point
 Visual Aide: 4 points

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