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Andrea Daniella Mata
COMM 1301
Pop Culture Speech
Good afternoon everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Who here likes YouTube videos and music? Pretty much everyone, right. I am sure each one of you can give me a single most important pop culture event that has influenced you in some way. This just goes to show that we are influenced by so many things. YouTube and music are some of the popular influences in today’s world. In fact, The Statistics Portal claims that there are over ‘1.5 billion [YouTube] users worldwide’ (Gordon, 2018).
I would love to talk about all of my favorite pop culture topics, but today I want to share with you how my perspective of YouTube, specifically vloggers changed in over a few years. YouTube influenced me in a way that I never thought it would, which is a good thing and a bad thing because I now find myself on the site way too much.
Since I was a child I always remember my step sister creating random videos of herself and my family. It was her hobby and a few years ago she decided to create her own YouTube channel for personal entertainment. In a few years she became a hit and was even asked by a journalist at her school in San Marcos, at Texas State University to do an interview about her YouTube journey. She has been fortunate to be funded by a few boutiques in order to promote their clothing. To say the least she has not only developed her channel, but I have also seen a transition in her character and attitude. She has more confidence than ever and promotes self-love and pride. I didn’t really understand the value of videos or recording people, but thanks to Trista, I have a much different viewpoint and respect for vloggers.
Speaking about appreciation for things that I didn’t know I valued, at the end of my senior year, which was only a few months ago, since I graduated in May of 2017. I took a trip with...


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