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Important quotes
The pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others. With their superior knowledge it was natural that they should assume the leadership. (3.2)
Well, obviously. Check out how Orwell's narrator uses the pig's language—"natural" and "superior"—but gets in his own dig with "actually work." The animals might not get it, but we do.
 “I think I may say that I 
understand the nature of life on this earth as well as any animal now 
“Man is the only real 
enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and 
overwork is abolished for ever.” 
The carmandments start to change to benfit the pigs
The story animal farm takes place in on a farm in England during 1945
This setting is very important to the story itself and the characters in it.  It made the plot a lot more interesting and influenced all the characters. 
Mr jones – An alcoholic who misuses his power by not feeding his animals while he indulges. He is soon kicked out of his farm by the animals due to his lack of attention to their wellbeing.
Tsar Nicholas II
The final emperor of Russia. Nicholas had almost no experience with the government and mistreated his ministers. Eventually he was overthrown by Russia, where they rebelled against the government.
Old major- the first to begin the rebellion against man. The founder of Animalism, its main idea had spread through other animals that are against man. His idea of all animals are equal made the life for the pigs easier and the other animals harder. Major died before the rebellion full started.
Karl Marx- the founder of Marxism. This theory then became developed into several other theories such as Leninism and communism. His theory later led hundreds of people dead under the power of the soviet Union. Kari Mar died in 14 march 1883.
Napoleon- is the leader of the animal farm after the rebellion took place. Napoleon through his secure and dangerous military squad, his nine trained attack dogs, intimidates and consolidates his power to the other animals, he becomes hungry for power tthat he changes the rules of the farm to just make them benefit him and his pigs.
Josef Stalin
Powerful man in his time. He outmanoeuvred several soviet dictators such as Leon Trotsky and inherited the soviet union after the powerful Vladimir Lenin. Stalin’s goal now being in control was to strengthen the union under communist ideals. He turned the idea of communism to his theory of Stalinism. Died march 1953.
Snowball pig that was always against the ideas of napoleon he also wanted to have control over the farm after the rellbion. He thought foor what was best for the animal farm unlike his rival, napoleon. He gains the trust of seveal other farm animals but then gets nanished of the farm by napoleon and his nine attack dogs.
Leon Trotsky
Was a commissar of war in the new soviet government. He was exiled several times to Siberia but he still tried to take control of the union. However Stalin and him had deep rivalry until Stalin finally came to over Trotsky’s and Stalin’s power struggle. Leaon was then assassinated on the 20th of august 1940 under Stalin’s power.
Farm animals
The minor farm animals, which arnt involoved with the rising of leadership in animal farm, are the ones who suffered the most they suffer because they produce all the labor and resources for the farm and the pigs just “supervise” them. Specific examples are how a powerful and hard working horse named boxer is sent to his death because of a nad lung after years of nonstop working. They have no say in what they should do for the farm but all they can do is work.
The soviet proletariat
The lower working class was a minor part of the soviet union. Their main purpose was to work for the union or suffer. They were highly intimidated by the union police they varied from being loyal to the government or just didn’t care what happened to the country. Hundreds of people died die to this unfair agreement.
Napoleons Dog’s
Napoleon started to have a military force after the farm divided themselves from napoleaon and snowball. After snowball was exiled from the farm, he had his nine attack dogs to keep the farm intake and away from rebelling against Napoleon.
The soviet union organized a police force that controlled the people to stay dedicated and loyal to the union. They would use force to have them at their feet. This made the union very secure place so there wont any rebelling.

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