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Elizabeth 1 was once the queen of England. Although, forgotten by her father king Henry Vlll at a very young age. She led her country to victory. She is considered one of the most successful rulers of all time by many. She was an inspiration to many rulers after her and to many young women nowadays. Her reign is known as the golden age.
Queen Elizabeth was born September 7th 1533 her father was king Henry Vlll and her mother Anne Boleyn. As a little girl Elizabeth went through many tragic situations. When Elizabeth was only just two and a half years old. Her mother was killed by her husband king Henry, because she would not give birth to a baby boy. Elizabeth grew up with no mother and was forgotten by her father. Later on Elizabeth's step mother raised her as her own. Elizabeth was well educated and could speak 5 different languages. Her brother became king and after his death her sister Mary became queen. Elizabeth was imprisoned once, because of accusations but was found innocent. After her sisters death she became queen.
Queen Elizabeth was known as the virgin queen since she never got married, because of the death of her mother and she wanted to keep all of her power. She was a wise women that help gain many victories one her biggest accomplishments was the defeat of great Spanish Armada. She also help the poor and better the economy. She provided peace for her country also encouraged exploration. She wanted to discover different routes for trade and expansion. She also helped English literature expand the Elizabethan literature is called one of the most greatest ages of English literature. Elizabeth was well educated she could write, speak, and read Latin, Greek, French, Italian, and rhetoric. She translated many books and poems and also wrote some herself. One of her most famous quotes is, “ I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too”.
Elizabeth had many obstacles in life and even though life was cruel with her from a very young age she proved that she didn’t need a man to help her be queen. She proved she didn’t need from men to become one of the if not the greatest ruler the world has ever had. She was a confident and strong women that helped and impacted british history forever. She will be remembered forever for the things she has done.


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