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Reflection To War By Luigi Pirandello

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Aina Veronica Del PilarMr. L. VilbruntEnglish 30-1Block 1War by Luigi Pirandello: Dialogue JournalAristotle said that men are rational animals. However, emotions seem to take over our sense of reason. When overwhelmed with our own emotions, we tend to overlook anything else that there is. The characters in the story are feeling deep sadness and grief over their sons and loved one's death or departure. They were all experiencing the same emotion, but they still argued about who was ...view middle of the document...

Each of them found some sort of comfort in believing that what they felt was so horrid, nothing else may have possibly been worse. The fat man's statement was reasonable, but in his statement, he only considered the feeling of his son's satisfaction in sacrificing himself for the country. The logical way to put this is, if someone you love is happy, you should let him be, even if you are not a part of it because that is how love works, but no matter how people repeat this on their minds and try to sway themselves, the pain will never disappear because emotions will always take over people's rationality. Once our philosophy professor asked us, "If you and your loved one are the only two people left on earth, would you choose to die first or your loved one?" and we all preferred to die first, then my philosophy professor made us realize that dying first would be a burden to the one you've left behind and since then, I believed that choosing to die is also choosing to pass on the pain to the people who love you. Truly, being able to sacrifice oneself for the country is a brave thing to do, but what requires even more bravery is letting someone you love die before you. In war, after the battle, even if you die or not, everything ends there. But if you suffer losing someone, the battle goes on until your very own death.

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