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Krupal Khatri13BSP1528Which field are you interested in? why?I am interested in FMCG and Sales. FMCG companies are behind the biggest brands in the world and I want to be a part of it. The FMCG industry thinks bigger and better.Sales is all about understanding a product (or service or cause) in depth, teaching other people about it (using your written and ver ...view middle of the document...

Which is the biggest failure you faced?In basket ball competition, we could not reach the finals when i was in std 9.How did you handle it? What did you learn from it?We worked hard towards it, and reached finals in the next tournament.Where do they see yourself 5 years from now on?5 years from now, I see myself at a very reputed post in a recognised brand where I can display my managerial skills to benefit the company at most and can innovate something new for the company.What is more important: position or money?For me both are equally important, I cannot compromise on either of them.The position interview was for is no longer vacant. Would you be interested in other position in other filed in our company?Associating with the brand is a big thing. So it will be pleasure working for the company even if I get into some other position.What are your hobbies?My hobbies are Riding bikes ,Dancing, Playing Basketball


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931 words - 4 pages - contribution margin and upper limits of production13Exhibit D: Sensitivity analysis - hours of production14Executive SummaryThe objective of this report is to:*Build upon the results and calculations from our previous Bayview assignment and to create a production plan for the company, identifying the optimum production mix;*Perform sensitivity analysis as appropriate to support out production plans; and*Produce analysis sufficient to justify our

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3918 words - 16 pages . 5th Edition.Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1999.Nkongolo-Bakenda, Jean-Marie. "Maytag Corporation: Written Report of a CaseAnalysis." For being used by students in Administration 400. University of Regina, 2002.ExhibitsExhibit 1Summary of External EnvironmentWeighting Opportunity / ThreatGeneral EnvironmentPolitical Environment 5% BenignEconomic Environment 5% BenignSocial / Demographic Environment 40% OpportunityTechnological Environment 40


1459 words - 6 pages 5.3Video and Audio SynopsisTells about dato' develop MAKNA to help society cope and heal disease cancer. He develop MAKNA because his son got a cancer and difficult disease to seek treatment in Malaysia and it costs a lot to cure it. This video also showed the MAKNA of facilities provided to patients. This video also has elements of video images and interviews as well as background noise. This video is 5 minutes in length.5.3.1.Breakdown

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3541 words - 15 pages volumes of acts and also ‘getting people through the door’. This has simply been rendered impossible in the face of noise complaints from residents and activist groups. One such example of an historic venue sinking into the realms of receivership was The Annandale Hotel, in Sydney’s inner-west, which couldn’t cope with the barrage of pressure it faced from Leichardt Municipal Council throughout a stoush over late-night trading. According to a report

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1499 words - 6 pages Minority Report - Film ReviewWho wouldn't want to live in a world where murder didn't exist? The citizens of Washington, DC, have it in the year 2054, and it's been that way for them for six years. Law enforcement benefits from having three people with an extraordinary gift of foresight. They are called pre-cogs, and have the same names as three well-known mystery writers - Agatha, Arthur, and Dashiell. They live a very controlled life inside a

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1807 words - 8 pages of Project DeliverablesProject management-related deliverables: business case, charter, team contract, scope statement, WBS, schedule, cost baseline, status reports, final project presentation, final project report, lessons-learned report, and any other documents required to manage the project.Project-related deliverables: research reports, design documents, weekly status report, list of prioritized risks and a financial statement.1. Research

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660 words - 3 pages Free Lab Report: Diffusion and OsmosisIntroduction:Atoms and molecules are constantly in motion. This kinetic energy causes the molecules to bump into each other and move in different directions. This motion is diffusion. Diffusion is the random movement of molecules from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. This will occur until the two areas reach a dynamic equilibrium.Osmosis is a special kind of diffusion in which

Lab report 4 - chocolate cookie experiment - Prevention 1 - Lab report

450 words - 2 pages Lab Experience Report Format Prevention I 111-114 AB Lab # & Title Name: Karnik Patel ( Lab 3 - Chocolate cookie experiment pH=7.0 ) Date: September 21, 2018 Objective: (1) Why are you doing this? Point form. · This

Mac Ville Risk Review Report Task 1 - VACTS - Report

2107 words - 9 pages Free Running Head: Assessment Task 1: Risk Review 8 Assessment Task 1: Risk Review Executive summary This is a report that would reflect upon the different risk factors that are associated with expanding MacVille Cafe to the new Toowoomba store. The risk factors have been identified after several meetings with the current manager of the shop. The report includes an email to the stakeholders as well, and also an excerpt from the meeting with the CEO

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3428 words - 14 pages Heriot Watt universitySchool of Management and ScienceMSc in Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementOrder picking systems in Magazine Distribution Reality and relativity from theoryA report reflection of magazine distribution order picking reportLecturer: Mr.Marchant CliveModule code:Student ID: 081448766Date: 03.04.1009Word count: 1450Table of Contents2Table of Contents 3Table of Figures 4Introduction: 4Findings: 6Methodology/ approach: 7PART I

The Great Gatsby Summary Report - English - Book Report

586 words - 3 pages Free The Great Gatsby Summary Report The two creative assignments I have chosen to do are the added scene and collage. The reason I chose to create an added scene into the book was because I was unhappy with the way the book concluded Daisy. As unhappy the story it is that the story ended in Gatsby’s death, I still wanted a more optimistic conclusion. I believe Daisy would’ve done more to say a last goodbye to Gatsby when he passed away than just

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907 words - 4 pages Javier Pulido Professor Sanchez POLISCI B1 4 October 2018 Municipal Report A. Description of elected officials, city, or county representatives and audience Elected Kern County Board of Supervisors: District 1 Supervisor: Mike Gleason, Sex: Male Ethnicity: White Age: Unknown (estimated late 40’s) Brief description: Elected November 8, 2012, took office January 7, 2013. Military Background. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Notre

Environmental Science EVR1001 Lab Report - EVR1001 - Lab Report

869 words - 4 pages EVR1001L-0001 Fall 2017 Lab 8: Green Building Lab Report Gianna Stern April 29, 2018 Methods (15 points): To start this lab, the experimenter traveled to a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood full of houses. The purpose of this lab is to enter a vacant house, explore the insides, scan the living areas for opportunities to improve environmental friendliness, in other words, make it more “green.” Firstly, the experimenter had to find a vacant house and

Chemoselective of Aromatic Compounds Lab Report - organic chemistry - Lab Report

1624 words - 7 pages Free Casto 1 Morgan Casto Dr. Hillwig Chemoselective, Syntheses of Natural Fragrance and Perfume Additives Lab Report 2/26/19 Introduction: One of the most important concepts within chemistry is the chemoselectivity of reactions. This concept deals with a how reagent will choose a functional group to react with, resulting in the formation of the major product. Our lab studied 6 reactions: three oxidation and three reduction of the three compounds

The 2004 Federal Budget Report

1276 words - 6 pages Free The 2004 Federal Budget Report The liberal government under Paul Martin released its 2004 federal budget. The budget attempted to cover all needs and necessities of Canadian equally, in terms of importance and availability. As with the presentation of any federal budget of the past decade there are areas to be criticised and areas to be praised. There have been some noticeable improvements in: health care, education, the environment