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Marriage Report Case

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Business Case1.0 Introduction/Background:Chris and Chelsea have just gotten engaged. They both desire a traditional Wedding, Full Reception, and Hawaiian Honeymoon. Chelsea realizes her limitations in planning anything, feels she is too emotional, and admits that she needs someone else to shepherd her through this process of planning for, and ultimately providing, the "perfect" wedding._______________________________________________________________________2.0 Business Objective:While intuitively not an obvious "Business" project, the proper application of business principles and practices should yield an optimized end product. Utilizing this approach, the finest possible outcome will be ...view middle of the document...

Those generous enough to volunteer must be made to consider their contributions guaranteed, however well-intended or altruistic. Firm commitments should strengthen these stop-gap measures to ensure continuity with purchased elements towards the final outcome. _______________________________________________________________________5.0 Analysis of Options and Recommendations:In the absence of hard capitalization for this project, ethereal options can be employed liberally, with no stone left unturned. Everything from elopement to a civil service in the privacy of their home should be made to be thoughtfully considered. Economization wherever and whenever possible should be recommended at every juncture. ________________________________________________________________________6.0 Preliminary Project Responsibilities:The main features of our Project are:1. Highly focused consultation with the Bride and Groom of their expectations as they relate to an affordable reality.2. Forthright discussion with them and their families as to available funds that can realistically be dedicated to the wedding.3. Solicitation of as many voluntary contributions of goods and services from all stakeholders, and their firm commitment to follow through with there delivery.4. Thorough research on all necessary expenditures involved with the preparation, planning, execution, and control of the wedding, reception, and honeymoon.5. Solid contingency plans to pre-empt all conceivable pitfalls.6. Reviewing multiple candidates among the paid professionals for their goods and services to ensure the best possible bargain.7. Ensuring that all commitments to professionals can remain as flexible as possible in our favor.8. Secure as early as possible all goods and services that can be ordered ahead, in the event that this can further increase the discounting of their deliverables.9. Maintaining close communication between all members of the Project Management team, as well as all stakeholders, to stay on top of any eventuality. _______________________________________________________________________7.0 Budget Estimate and Financial Analysis:Currently, we are capitalized at a cap of $5,000, with a possible additional $5000 held in reserve. The parents are providing the (guaranteed) $5000, and the couple foresees transferring the additional $5000 on a contingency basis. We can almost guarantee that the Bride and Groom will realize that their own contribution is mandatory, and we have been authorized to assume an actual cap of $10,000 by all parties concerned. With the current deadline, we have to assume no possible means of investing said funds for interest-borne profit, and so the $10,000 represents a 'static-base-sum' budgetary figure. ________________________________________________________________________8.0 Schedule Estimate:The wedding date is cast in stone as Sunday, October 3rd, 2004. With a start date of April 1st, 2004, project duration is exactly six months and three days. By...

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