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Business Case1.0 Introduction/Background:Chris and Chelsea have just gotten engaged. They both desire a traditional Wedding, Full Reception, and Hawaiian Honeymoon. Chelsea realizes her limitations in planning anything, feels she is too emotional, and admits that she needs someone else to shepherd her through this process of planning for, and ultimately providing, the "perfect" wedding._______________________________________________________________________2.0 Business Objective:While intuitively not an obvious "Business" project, the proper application of business principles and practices should yield an optimized end product. Utilizing this approach, the finest possible outcome will ...view middle of the document...

Those generous enough to volunteer must be made to consider their contributions guaranteed, however well-intended or altruistic. Firm commitments should strengthen these stop-gap measures to ensure continuity with purchased elements towards the final outcome. _______________________________________________________________________5.0 Analysis of Options and Recommendations:In the absence of hard capitalization for this project, ethereal options can be employed liberally, with no stone left unturned. Everything from elopement to a civil service in the privacy of their home should be made to be thoughtfully considered. Economization wherever and whenever possible should be recommended at every juncture. ________________________________________________________________________6.0 Preliminary Project Responsibilities:The main features of our Project are:1. Highly focused consultation with the Bride and Groom of their expectations as they relate to an affordable reality.2. Forthright discussion with them and their families as to available funds that can realistically be dedicated to the wedding.3. Solicitation of as many voluntary contributions of goods and services from all stakeholders, and their firm commitment to follow through with there delivery.4. Thorough research on all necessary expenditures involved with the preparation, planning, execution, and control of the wedding, reception, and honeymoon.5. Solid contingency plans to pre-empt all conceivable pitfalls.6. Reviewing multiple candidates among the paid professionals for their goods and services to ensure the best possible bargain.7. Ensuring that all commitments to professionals can remain as flexible as possible in our favor.8. Secure as early as possible all goods and services that can be ordered ahead, in the event that this can further increase the discounting of their deliverables.9. Maintaining close communication between all members of the Project Management team, as well as all stakeholders, to stay on top of any eventuality. _______________________________________________________________________7.0 Budget Estimate and Financial Analysis:Currently, we are capitalized at a cap of $5,000, with a possible additional $5000 held in reserve. The parents are providing the (guaranteed) $5000, and the couple foresees transferring the additional $5000 on a contingency basis. We can almost guarantee that the Bride and Groom will realize that their own contribution is mandatory, and we have been authorized to assume an actual cap of $10,000 by all parties concerned. With the current deadline, we have to assume no possible means of investing said funds for interest-borne profit, and so the $10,000 represents a 'static-base-sum' budgetary figure. ________________________________________________________________________8.0 Schedule Estimate:The wedding date is cast in stone as Sunday, October 3rd, 2004. With a start date of April 1st, 2004, project duration is exactly six months and three days....


Marriage Essay

464 words - 2 pages Free Marriage is something very important in one person's life. Many times there are some people that don't value this because they don't believe in spent the rest of their life with the same partner. That is why I think that people has to look very well in what kind of relationship they want or want to have. Marriage is a union in which both members have to be very creative and comprehensive in order to be able to last forever.To be very creative in

Essay On Gay marriage

492 words - 2 pages Francesca Ciritella 3^I scientifico Bologna, 31 marzo 2013ESSAY: GAY MARRIAGEThe same-sex marriage, also known as gay marriage, is a political topic difficult to be accepted from everyone. Even though they are not legally recognized, homosexual couples have always existed in every society. The debate is more and more vivid because there are no common points between opponents and proponents.Opponents claim that revising the traditional definition

Essay On Catholic Marriage Requirements

493 words - 2 pages The Education: What is Necessary to get Married. Marriage is a covenant made between a man and a woman which brings unity and indissolubility between two individuals. In order to ensure its sacredness and theological understanding of marriage, the Catholic Church justifies its legislation to further promote and develop a healthy partnership between two individuals. The church has developed norms in regard to the preparation for marriage

Paper On Why Marriage Is Horrible

895 words - 4 pages confine of her husband's porche.I am relaying this story to you by way of the web to further illustrate why the holy union is neither holy nor unifying. Marriage has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Renee told me that her biggest regret is not having more sex prior to marrying the "man of her dreams." She cheats on a relatively successful man- he is also a good looking guy- I don't get it. I realize that fucking a married women doesn't make me a

Cohabitating Before Marriage Assignment

3020 words - 13 pages Today there are many couples living together before marriage. Sometimes these kinds of relationships end up with success and sometimes they are unsuccessful. There are many advantages and disadvantages in living together before marriage. The advantages of living together before marriage is to get to know your partner, learn about one's abilities if he/she can satisfy your expectations, and more. Yet on the other hand, the disadvantages of living

Magazine article about homosexual marriage

407 words - 2 pages MarriageI read an article out of Newsweek called, State of Our Unions. This article talked about how gay marriage is right on the horizon. The author says that evolution of marriage is nothing new. She talks about how the institute of marriage is already so battered, that to most people, gay marriage would be the last straw. The article goes on to say that many other countries are allowing gay marriages and that its only a matter of time until

Modern Day Marriage. Is it possible?

489 words - 2 pages Free Modern Day Marriage         To say that marriage is not possible in modern America is simply not the case. However, I do believe that people should put more thought into it before they decide to take this step in their lives. Most people think it is too easy to get married and I believe this is completely true. I believe that people should have to take a test to get their marriage license, this way you would be more hesitant to just jump

Gay Marriage: Same Love, Same Privileges

719 words - 3 pages I believe that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. Sexual preference has nothing to do with how well a person or a couple can raise a child. The foster care and adoption systems of today are overloaded with children in need of a home. Adoption is a gift to couples that cannot have children of their own, or for couples that choose to take in children who need homes. Thus Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children and provide them

Same-Sex Marriage Essay - "Marry me!"

752 words - 4 pages Free Marry me!Gays and lesbians lives have been for a long time a controversial subject; specially when for the last few decades gays and lesbians have come out and expressed their sexuality preferences. I believe same sex marriage should be legalized because, first of all, gays and lesbians deserve the same rights as heterosexuals. Another reason to legalize it is that children that are born under a gay or lesbian couple will be raised in a family

management economic - admission and marriage - VNU - assignment

581 words - 3 pages . They argue that “colleges exist for the students.” A policy maker who believes the essential function of colleges is to produce an educated workforce or further technological development may disagree. The students can be viewed as inputs rather than consumers. In this case it makes more sense to give greater consideration to the preferences of the colleges. Unlike a marriage issue, universities can accept many candidates, which means that each

Sex, Slavery and Marriage in Islam - Love, Sex, and Marriage in History - Research Paper

1970 words - 8 pages Ahmed Khawaja IDS 301 – Politics of Disease Dr. Prasad 12 May 2017 Alcoholism Alcohol use disorder (AUD) affects more than 18 million Americans and is grouped into two categories: alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a disease that causes strong cravings for alcohol as well as loss of control preventing one from knowing when to stop while drinking. Those afflicted with alcoholism have a physical dependency on alcohol and experience

marriage intimacy and christian counseling - Faulkner University - paper

2466 words - 10 pages Running head: MARRIAGE, INTIMACY, AND LOVE IN CHRISTIAN COUNSELING 1 MARRIAGE, INTIMACY, AND LOVE IN CHRISTIAN COUNSELING 2 2 Marriage, Intimacy, and Love in Christian Counseling

The Conservative Argument for Same-sex Marriage - English 104 - Essay

554 words - 3 pages Lauterborn 1 Brendan Lauterborn Professor Theis English 104 October 3, 2017 The Conservative Argument for Same-sex Marriage The Conservative argument for gay marriage is almost unheard of. Theodore Olsen is the author of a column called “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage”. He worked for Reagan and Bush. Olsen has a very strong legal background as he has argued fifty-eight times before the supreme court. Olsen is in fact a conservative

Research Proposal Same Sex Marriage By Julz Matheney This proposal deals with rights and the proposed Marriage Ammendment

266 words - 2 pages Research ProposalSame Sex Marriage and the Proposed Federal Marriage AmendmentFocus of ResearchSame sex marriage has been one of the many recent political "hot" topics. It is a popular subject in political debate, national newspapers, and media coverage. These debates, articles, and reports are often focusing on rights outlined in constitutional laws, amendments and Bill of Rights as a source of the right of same sex couples to marry. Some

Polygamy marriage in the San community and around the world - anthropology - essay

705 words - 3 pages Free Aleman 1 Alisson Aleman Anthropology 134 Thr. 10:00-11:00 am 14 September 2018 Polygamous Marriages Polygamy is a type of marriage in which one of its members is married at the same time with more than one partner but the partners are not married to each other. Among some examples of polygamous societies are the Islamic nations, where the law establishes that polygamous marriage can only exist on the condition of the acceptance of a man's co