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Fermentation has been used for thousands of years for raising bread, fermenting wine and brewing beer etc. The products of the fermentation of sugar by baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae are ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide causes bread to rise and gives effervescent drinks their bubbles. This action of yeast on sugar is used to carbonate beverages, which what you see in your soda and champagne thats all of the bubbles.To preform this experiment you must set up a fermentation in a clo ...view middle of the document...

5) Shake to distribute the yeast grains into the sugar.6) Swirl the sugar/yeast mixture in the bottom to make it concave (to catch the extract).7) Add with funnel:1 Tbl of root beer extract (I prefer Zatarain's, but Hires, etc. will work.)on top of the dry sugar8) The extract sticks to the sugar which will help dissolve the extract in the next steps.9) Half fill the bottle with fresh cool tap water (the less chlorine, the better).Rinse in the extract which sticks to the tablespoon and funnel. Swirl to dissolve the ingredients.10) Q.s. [fill up] to the neck of the bottle with fresh cool tap water, leaving about an inch of head space, securely screw cap down to seal. Invert repeatedly to thoroughly dissolve.11) Place at room temperature (RT) until the bottle feels hard, about three to four days. Move to a cool place. If you leave it in a warm temperature longer than two weeks, you risk an explosion...12) Move to a refrigerator overnight before opening.


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3127 words - 13 pages and importance of drinking in my initial image of British pub. The economy of Britain cries out, holding together our household of over sixty million, gradually more laws come into being, each one flippantly extracting a key ingredient in the old age crafting of the Great British Pub. With recent figures showing that beer sales have slumped to their lowest levels since the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930s, and government policy being to ever

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2017 words - 9 pages Rimm, Sc.D., of Harvard's School of Public Health, "about 50 randomized studies show that when consumed in moderation, alcohol increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL or 'good') cholesterol and decreases blood clotting and insulin resistance—all of which should reduce the risk of heart disease" (Wright). Like fruits, vegetables and tea, red wine and dark beer contain antioxidants called polyphenols, believed to protect against cell damage that

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2206 words - 9 pages over blue In the water off beautiful Nauset I used to pray to recover you Ach, du In the German tongue, In the Polish town Scraped flat by the roller Of wars, wars, wars But the name of the town is common My Polack friend Says there are a dozen or two. So I never could tell where you Put your foot, your root, I never could talk to you. The tongue stuck in my jaw. It stuck in a barbed wire snare. Ich, ich, ich, ich, I could hardly speak. I thought

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2463 words - 10 pages safety Effective training skills (Delloite) Occupational health and safety Problem solving techniques (Various methodologies) Radiation awareness Water and energy conservation First aid Environmental awareness Fire safety Hazardous substances Autonomous maintenance Traceability Online quality checks Waste management RCA (root cause analysis) Operations performance (KPI, QCDSM, VPM,) Compliance evaluation HACCP Personal profile I am an experienced

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3415 words - 14 pages Number of flights which were late Podunk Airlines 33 6 Upstate Airlines 43 5 If one of the 87 flights is randomly selected, find the probability that the flight selected is an Upstate Airlines flight which was on time. 61) 20 62) The table below shows the soft drinks preferences of people in three age groups. cola root beer lemon-lime under 21 years of age 40 25 20 between 21 and 40 35 20 30 over 40 years of age 20 30 35 If one of the 255 subjects is

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3340 words - 14 pages Free : birds, tapping, burped, reapply, unscrew ROOTS VS. AFFIXES · Roots: The base to which affixes attach; cannot be analyzed into smaller parts · Can be free or bound · Free roots: Cat→ cats, catty, catlike, uncatlike Love→ loves, lovely, loving, unlovable · Bound roots: struct: construct, destruct, obstruct, instruct, structure tain: contain, detain, retain, obtain, pertain, attain · Affix: morphemes attached to a root (or affixed base) · All affixes

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1871 words - 8 pages the Canada Dry lineup, the expansion of some 7-Up lineup together with extra antioxidants, including an upgraded recipe to get A&W root-beer which features obsolete vanilla, and also the growth of doctor Pepper Cherry, for users that want a milder tasting doctor Pepper.16 Along with soft beverage advancement, the business engages in development and investment to recoup lost supply in fitter filtered energy and water beverages. 6. Customer

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8973 words - 36 pages superficially. At its root, the successful evolution of democratic society can be credited to the transition of efficiency, especially the enhancement of economic efficiency. Consequently, stalling for time on the pretext that controversy wastes time is the real reason that the "three links" and the "no haste, be patient" policy could possibly be considered ideological issues of contention. The negative impact of such an attitude, claiming consensus over

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1555 words - 7 pages will be there shortly. The author writes, “The woman came out through the curtains with two glasses of beer and put them down on the damp felt pads. “The train comes in five minutes,” she said.” (3) Time is not only ticking until the train arrives, but also the time they have left to make their decision about the abortion. The train and the “two lines of rails” can also be used to symbolize the couples inability to connect with one another. It

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1433 words - 6 pages 1 Brandell Hannah Brandell Prof. Tamara O’Callaghan ENG151H-007 5 May 2017 Walter Freeman and the Invention of the Lobotomy In Steely Library’s digital archives, one of the postcards from the Gilliam family collection is entitled Western Kentucky Asylum for the Insane, Hopkinsville, KY. The postcard dates back to 1915 and portrays a beautiful building, complete with red bricks and white columns. Many of the insane asylums around this time were

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1130 words - 5 pages Lost Treasure When I was a child, my late father and I would spend every moment of the summer season on the sparkling white sand of the beach near our home. We would dance, kicking up the shiny surface so that the droplets glimmered like diamonds in the sunlight. We would lie on our backs and stare at the sky, until the swirling clouds began to take on our imaginative shapes mingled together by our fantastical minds. We would grip imaginary

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1357 words - 6 pages Rebecca Hastie 11256694 How much of a threat does the robotics revolution represent for human employment in New Zealand in the next 30 years? In order to understand the threats that robotics may pose to human employment in the future, it is important to examine the ways in which robots and computerization are already influencing different employment industries today, and how they have changed our labor practices in the past. If this information

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1115 words - 5 pages Free A review of “Indigenous remain ‘asset rich, dirt poor’ 25 years after Mabo”. In the article “Indigenous remain ‘asset rich, dirt poor’ 25 years after Mabo”, Indigenous affairs editor, Fitzpatrick (2017) presents the socioeconomic situation of the Aboriginal people, using the views of the former prime minister’s advisor, Josephine Cashman. Miss Cashman pointed out that the promises made to the indigenous people, presented in the Mabo case, had not

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749 words - 3 pages Annie Shepherd-Barron, Luxmoore Comparison Between the Portrayal of Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby in Chapters 1 to 6 Fitzgerald purposefully portrays Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan in contrasting ways to emphasise the variety of money within the American market, during the era in which the novel is set. A major difference between the two men is ‘new money’ and ‘old money’, where Gatsby represents ‘new money’, but Daisy and Tom represent ‘old money

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405 words - 2 pages Boston Pizza Boston Pizza is a Canadian fast food restaurant, which began in Edmonton, Alberta, on August 12, 1964. The restaurant had begun operations on 17 different locations in western Canada by 1970. In 1968 a royal Canadian mounted police officer Jim treliving noticed the growing popularity of Boston pizza and he bought the rights to start a restaurant in British Colombia. He was the first franchisees of Boston pizza. At present, Boston