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Fermentation has been used for thousands of years for raising bread, fermenting wine and brewing beer etc. The products of the fermentation of sugar by baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae are ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide causes bread to rise and gives effervescent drinks their bubbles. This action of yeast on sugar is used to carbonate beverages, which what you see in your soda and champagne thats all of the bubbles.To preform this experiment you must set up a fermentation in a closed ...view middle of the document...

5) Shake to distribute the yeast grains into the sugar.6) Swirl the sugar/yeast mixture in the bottom to make it concave (to catch the extract).7) Add with funnel:1 Tbl of root beer extract (I prefer Zatarain's, but Hires, etc. will work.)on top of the dry sugar8) The extract sticks to the sugar which will help dissolve the extract in the next steps.9) Half fill the bottle with fresh cool tap water (the less chlorine, the better).Rinse in the extract which sticks to the tablespoon and funnel. Swirl to dissolve the ingredients.10) Q.s. [fill up] to the neck of the bottle with fresh cool tap water, leaving about an inch of head space, securely screw cap down to seal. Invert repeatedly to thoroughly dissolve.11) Place at room temperature (RT) until the bottle feels hard, about three to four days. Move to a cool place. If you leave it in a warm temperature longer than two weeks, you risk an explosion...12) Move to a refrigerator overnight before opening.

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