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Running Head: BB/BS Open Arms and Open Hearts: Big Brothers/Big Sisters Pamela Naughton Rucker Mrs. McKibbin EH 322-04 March 19, 2001 OUTLINE Thesis Statement: The Big Brother/Big Sisters program was designed to help children from single parent homes. The program matches children with positive adult role models.I. Beginning a. History-BB/BS began as early at the 1900's.b. Facts and statistics-Children in the program excel in various areas such as school and relationships with others.II. Role of a Big Brother or Big Sister a. Purpose-Our mentoring helps children from single parent homes.b. Experiences-Examples of a big's experiences with his or her little.III. Little Brother's and Little Sister's Part Purpose a. What they gain-Being in the programs can change their life forever.b. What we do-We do a lot of fun stuff together IV. Conclusion a. It's easy to become a volunteer.INTRODUCTION The Big Brothers/Big Sisters program was designed for children from single parent homes. The program matches little brothers and little sisters "little's", with adult role models, also called "big's". The mission statement of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Northeast Alabama is "to create, organize, promote, and encourage the welfare of children generally by providing a one-to-one friendship for children of single parent homes with adult volunteers. The corporation shall affirmatively attempt to represent and assist boys and girls of all ethnic, racial, national, cultural, and religious groups in the Northeast Alabama service area. In fulfilling this purpose, it shall be the policy of the corporation to seek and accept only those volunteers possessing the highest personal level of stability, honesty, integrity, ethics and unassailable morality" (BB/BS, personal communication, September 1, 2000).RESEARCH METHODS I became a volunteer in the program in September 2000. I choose to become a volunteer to help a child in need. I also knew it would be a learning experience for me as well as my little. I heard about the program through my job at Wakefield's/Martin's department store. Two of my co-workers are volunteers. I called the outreach coordinator for Calhoun County, Sue Gajda, and she mailed me the packet of information. The biggest part of my research is from personal experience. I found a book and a Website on Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. The Annsiton Star did an article on Big Brothers/Big Sister of Calhoun County. I was interviewed for this article as well as other volunteers.REPORT Big Brothers/Big Sisters dates back as early as the 1900's. "Big Sisters activity occurred as early as 1902, when a group of women in New York City, began befriending girls who came before the New York Children's Court" (Beiswinger, 1985, p.3). Big Brothers was also established during this time. Various cities and states began their own branches of Big Brothers/Big Sisters (BB/BS).During the early 1900's BB/BS was not a national federation. The program was strictly handled o...


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727 words - 3 pages and take me to take pictures at the zoo, and luxury hotel. Then after the photo program finished, me and my husband went to the main ceremony which was located in Addis Ababa 4 kilo street “Hilton” hotel and started at 6:00 PM. I was up early in the morning to get my hair done before my husband come but I was tired that I didn’t get much sleep. All my family members like my uncle, brothers, sister, friends and cousins come a day before the

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778 words - 4 pages Hall 1 Alexis Hall Ms. Myers English 10 Honors 04 Dec 2017 The Big Lie Adolf Hitler once said that it is easier to tell a big lie than to tell a small one. In the dystopian ​Anthem​ by Ayn Rand the government of the collective society in the novel is built on propaganda to promote their big lie. The big lie is that a person is not an “I” ,but a we, a nameless nobody only to serve their brothers, that one is always apart of a collective group

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1420 words - 6 pages . Socialisation begins in the family, which is an agent of primary socialisation. Furze et al. (2012) defines it as the "process of acquiring the basic skills needed to function in society during childhood” (p. 83). John grew up in a nuclear family which includes his mother, father, two older brothers and an older sister. What was unconventional about his family is that both of his parents worked. His mother worked from home while his father had a

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1770 words - 8 pages you did not know that a Greg Heffely (main character of Wimpy Kid) balloon has been in The Macy Days Thanksgiving Day Parade since 2010 and the balloon is over 5 stories tall. There is no doubt that Jeff Kinney is one of the greatest kid’s authors in history. He has turned reluctant boys that did not read at all into avid readers. He has also signed up for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and has changed in empty lot to a book store that highlights

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1302 words - 6 pages Sister and Me I thought I knew how to live - I did not. Sitting on the edge of the rooftop of my condominium, I thought that I would not kill myself, as long as someone smiles at me today. It is kind of a silly phrase that I said to myself when I had an idea of committing suicide. I then grabbed a medicine bottle from my bag and swallowed three big pills into my mouth. The taste of the pills was so bitter that I want to spit it out. This pill

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520 words - 3 pages An Overview of Genesis The book of Genesis is the first book of the Bible and opens with one of the most famous sentence that is, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” We find the story of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the ark, Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob with his 12 sons which become the descendent of Israel. The overview of the big story is that god and humanity relationship, and god and Israel. The first story is

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1012 words - 5 pages Vc acCathy Freeman - A great AustralianCatherine Astrid Salome Freeman was born 16th of February in Mackay Queensland; her parents were Norman Fisher and Geraldine Roy. She and her brothers Gavin, Garth and Norman (who died after a motor vehicle accident on 16 September 2008) were raised there and in other parts of Queensland. She also had a sister named Anne-Marie (1966-1990) who suffered from cerebral palsy and spent much of her life in a home

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1281 words - 6 pages . I have often seen it in my own family with almost all of my older cousin brothers and some of my uncles, when they reach that age where they have well established their life and have an increasing income coming in, and they’re getting settled. There seems to be this environment that gets created amongst the family that try’s to provoke them to get married and even if the thought of having a wife wasn’t there or didn’t have as much importance

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568 words - 3 pages . She's learned a lot, like sarcasm, manipulation, fake crying, and nothing else. Even though her hairs darkened over the years, she will always be a stereotypical blonde. No offense.Her first week or so home, I was begging my mom to take her back to the hospital. She tried to do the "but your a big sister now" thing and attempted to explain that the hospital wouldn't take her back. I couldn't blame 'em. Who would want a pale, screaming, lop

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1119 words - 5 pages Free restaurants called Papa Murphy’s. Savannah has two birthmarks, one on her thigh and the other on her neck. She loves homecooked food but she says she could just live off of Dunkin Donuts coffee if her body would allow it. Just like me Savannah comes from a very big family. Her father, John, has six siblings where as her mom has five. Savannah herself has three half-sisters and no brothers. With her having so many aunts and uncles Savannah has the pleasure

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1673 words - 7 pages hospital. When she got home, she decided to tell her mom everything. Her mom was shocked, and she blamed herself. Her mom decided to quit one job and spend time to take care her until she got a baby. Finally, the baby came out, but he got an effect from the medicine she took before. He couldn’t develop normal like the other babies. Now, he turns eight years old, but he couldn’t speak, and his head is so big. Even, he couldn’t do anything by himself. Her

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533 words - 3 pages deal, Jemma is going from strength to strength with today's announcement that she will be back on Channel 10. Jemma will join the presenting team of the show "Search for a Supermodel" as an on-the-ground reporter. Jemma said," It's very 'me', I'll be like a 'Big Sister' to the girls, helping them through the weeks that lie ahead".

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816 words - 4 pages Attardo 2 Madalyn Attardo Mrs. Womble English II pd.1 November 28, 2018 Equality 7-2521’s Steps Towards Individualism The Setting of a story can influence the way the reader feels about a novel. Going from different settings in the novel, Anthem, helps the novel to develop. The society has a big impact on Equality 7-2521, which causes him to break the rules. Equality, his brothers, and everyone else in this society is treated as a group, not as

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914 words - 4 pages In this story, The catcher in the rye, Holden Caufield is seventeen years old teenager who goes to Pencey Prep School. He rebels against society to fight back with phoniness and adults. He couldn't deal with change, and he wants everything to be retained. Holden loves children, because they are pure and not infected by society's phoniness. He especially loves Phoebe, his 10 years old sister. He founds that he is totally separated from

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1072 words - 5 pages state believes that love of Big Brother is the only acceptable love, is symbolic of the struggle to survive as human beings in this totalitarian state. Winston Smith, the protagonist is this story, spends much of his life thinking about what is lost and trying to find love. He knows that the Party's goal is that he and all of the citizens of Oceania care only for the State. He is told, "Never again will you be capable of human feeling. Everything