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And then there were none
Vera Claythorne
Q- Did Emily Brent’s confession first on having an impact on the death of her servant, Beatrice Taylor, change how you saw her in any way, did you suspect that she was the killer?
A- Her confession affected me greatly, I did not believe how a person so religious, conservative as Emily simply put the blame past her, but at the time, I did not suspect that there was a killer among us and later, I did not suspect her, she never intended the death of her servant.
Q- Why did you shoot Philip Lombard when it was obvious that he was not the murderer as you were aside him when the events of William Bore’s death?
A- I was disoriented, with all the confusion and mysterious events happening, the guilt of the death of Cyril Hamilton was simply too overwhelming, I couldn’t think clearly so knowing I wasn’t the murderer I suspected the only other person I knew to be alive, Philip Lombard. When he jumped at me I didn’t know what to do, so I shot at him.
Dr. Edward George Armstrong
Q- What made you place so much trust in Justice Wargrave that you agreed to fake his death and keep it a secret from all the other people?
A- I placed my trust in Justice Wargrave because he used to be a judge, a person of authority, a symbol of justice and righteousness, it was my opinion that a person of that manner would never do someth...


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1918 words - 8 pages Human Trafficking Human trafficking is defined as the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. The U.S State Department has reported that two to four million individuals are trafficked annually. With at least 17,500 of these individuals trafficked within the U.S. Some organizations, such as Catholic Relief Services, are

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446 words - 2 pages The Relationship between Stopping Distance and Speed for a Motorcycle St o p p in g d is ta n ce Initial speed (m ) (kilometres per hour) + + + + + + 100 80 60 40 20 0 60 40 20 0 The Relationship between Stopping Distance and Speed for a Motorcycle St o p p in g d is ta n ce Initial speed (m ) (kilometres per hour) 100 80 60 40 20 0 60 40 20 0 The Relationship between Stopping Distance and Speed for a Motorcycle St o p p in g d is ta n ce

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991 words - 4 pages quicker and more efficient way of transporting grain to his capital city at Beijing. He also needed to supply his army that guarded northern China from the Mongols. The Grand Canal allowed for this to happen. Eventually gunpowder came into the picture. At first gunpowder was just used as fireworks, and it took a while for the Chinese to realize that gunpowder could be used in war. The first big weapon for warfare that evolved out of gunpowder was the

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873 words - 4 pages A doctor may suspect myositis based on a person’s symptoms of muscle weakness or other evidence of myositis. Tests for myositis include: · Blood tests · MRI scan: an MRI scan can help identify areas of myositis and changes in the muscles over time. · EMG: by inserting needle electrodes into muscles, a doctor can test the response of muscles to electrical nerve signals. EMG can identify muscles that are weak or damaged by myositis. · Muscle biopsy

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527 words - 3 pages more independent from their religious family. Esta would be sympathetic towards Clyde’s goal. However, she’d be a bit envious of the path that Clyde took towards his pursuit of becoming less dependant on his religious parents and family.     It is made clear that, based off the decisions of Esta Griffiths, both siblings shared the same goal of becoming their own individual. For example, when Esta ran away from her home to live her own life with a

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1119 words - 5 pages should be spending time with their parents not bonding over homework. Younger kids having a ton of homework is already a lot for them but also them playing sports is making it almost a job for them. Also, the kids will need to ask questions about the work and they won’t be allowed to at home. Homework is not beneficial for students especially when their parents do most of it or even sometimes, all of it. A lot of students don’t know what they are

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946 words - 4 pages AP Physics 1 Instructor: Mr. Kuffer Course Overview Prerequisites 1. 80% or higher in Honors Algebra 2 (3202); or higher level math course; or 90% or higher in Academic Algebra 2 (3103). 2. 80% or higher in Honors Chemistry (4610) or 90% or higher in Academic Chemistry (4911). 3. Recommendation of prior year's Science Teacher. Textbook Cutnell & Johnson Physics 9e Big Ideas for AP Physics 1 Big Idea 1: Objects and systems have properties such as

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763 words - 4 pages Free Manish Lamichhane Dr. Galvez Writing 101 CRISPR CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Panildromic Repeats is a Cas system in prokaryotes which is guided by a RNA and it aids in dematerializing foreign nucleic acids. CRISPR is a new technology where a Cas-9 is used which can modify the genes of the organisms. CRISPR has the ability to rearrange the genetic sequence of the DNA of living organisms (Michael Specter, Nat Geo). Even

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4624 words - 19 pages be split into three classes, resistivity meters, magnetometers and ground penetrating radar. It is important that archaeologist using go-physical methods have suitable background information so as to be able to use the correct geo-physical instruments. Geo-physical instruments can locate ditches, fireplaces and walls without having to use invasive techniques, for example the geo-physical survey of Wroxeter; invasive techniques are not the only

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2436 words - 10 pages . Transition students to begin their presentations. Remind students that as they listen, they should take notes independently on each presentation. They will use these notes for the homework assignment. Students present or take notes on presentations. See the High Performance Response at the beginning of this lesson. Activity 5: Closing 5% Instruct students to hand in their presentation materials as well as their Speaking and Listening Checklist

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959 words - 4 pages before. Not a single aspect, not a single subject, not a single homework assignment. This setback in my life absolutely devastated me. I was on track to graduate with a 4.0 and an outstanding ACT score. I had high aspirations, which I now cannot pursue because I do not have the transcript or health required. It only got progressively worse as time went by. Not only has my mental illness hurt me, but it has hurt my loved ones. The smallest thing could

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1707 words - 7 pages responsibility to initiate with the teacher about such circumstances. Acquiring Make-Up Work · Students are responsible for looking into missed assignments after an absence. Students are also responsible for acquiring the missing work. All previous assignments will be in a three ring binder labeled “Absent” in my room. · Upon completing missing assignments, students must turn them into the basket on my bookcase labeled “Late Work.” Late homework will be

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533 words - 3 pages about doing is their homework. Many students, when given long-term assignments, put it off until the week or maybe even the night before the assignment is due. This type of procrastinator will wondering to themselves, "Why didn't I do it earlier?" It's often the case that these students miss class frequently and don't use their class time wisely.Likewise, some college students enjoy partying much more than studying. These procrastinators

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435 words - 2 pages 1 ChE 494/598: Homework #1 (Group Assignment), due Tuesday, Jan. 24 1. Please identify a challenge that the science and engineering community is facing and write a T.I.M.E. problem statement. 2. Please discuss individual and/or group goals within your homework group. Select one of them and write a S.M.A.R.T. goal. 3. Famous Card Drop Team Exercise (The following exercise is an adaptation of a famous experiment popularized by W. Edwards Deming

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1084 words - 5 pages the student’s responsibility to get make-up work. This includes getting any notes, class work in the interactive notebook, or homework missed from me. Students need to check the Red Make-Up Work Folders at the classroom entrance for any handouts, worksheets, etc. There may be additional make-up items other than what is in the folder. Students need to ask me for that work. Any work not made up within the timeline of the assignment will result in