Identity Essay About Discrimination And Being Builled English 102 Essay

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Running head: My Identity Essay
My Identity Essay
Precious Abidogun
NorQuest College
SOWK 1040 A01
Alana Brown
Assignment 1: My Identity Essay
My name is Precious, Dolapo Abidogun. I am a twenty-year-old. I come from a family five, and I am the only girl in my family. I spent sixteen years in Nigeria before relocating to Canada with my family. I have two brothers, and my elder is 24 years old studying mechanical engineering while my younger is 17 years old and also planning to study computer engineering in University next year. I completed my JSS1 in Nigeria, which is Junior High school; I was seating for Junior WAEC examination to enter into the senior secondary school before relocating to Canada with my family. I am single and also heterosexuality and also, I come from a religious family, before relocating to Canada I attend Culinary school in Nigeria which gave me certificate on Culinary. I come from an extended family where we all lived in the same community.
I will like to talk about my experience of being bullied in middle school. In my first year of middle school, kids mocked me and spit on me in hallways. It didn't occur to me to tell my parents or my teacher about it. The first week that I introduced myself in every class everyone laughed at me or people whispering saying “Where did she come from and What is she doing here”, that I don’t deserve to be around them at all. Every day for me in middle school was a nightmare, and I was never happy going to school. I got made fun of for being fat in middle school. People always go out of their way to tell me how fat I was and how ugly and unattractive that made , especially in comparison to other girls, when it comes to gym class, I was always laughed in at the way run and also the way I look in my gym uniform which always makes me sad. I had a nickname through all middle school and once in middle school a boy drew a picture of a cow on the blackboard and label has my name. Being bullied in middle school deranged my confidence in middle school that I was not able to stand in front of my peer without being laughed on or drop up in the process. My teacher and classmate always think that I am deaf and mute because ever talked in class or answer any question in class. During lunch I will have to either lie to the librarian or eat in the washroom to avoid being bullied by peer, doing lunch. I was so insecure about my body and the way I look. I was not only bullied at school, I was so being bullied at the mall whenever I want to buy a new cloth, I was always being laugh on by cashier. I was also being discriminate when I entered a mall, and I wanted to buy a cloth the cashier came up to me and told me that the store is not for people like me , is for people that are slim and sexy that I will ruined that store if people see me shopping for clot...


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