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There are different kinds of texts that are focus with the same main topic, but each author is unique, having their own techniques and styles to illustrate their central idea to the audience. In Julia Smith's, "Canis lupus," the author tends to let her readers concentrate about a wolf's life in a well organized quick outline with straightforward descriptions making it easier for the reader to learn about this species. In the other hand, in Barry Lopez's, "Wolf Notes," the life of a wolf is narrated into details from his birth to maturity which has a story or dairy content. In both texts, the authors illustrate the same topic, but in a different context allowing the reader to notice the ...view middle of the document...

" The author uses numbers to give a general average size of the species with reasonable explanations why there is different sizes of grays wolves. From my point of view, the purpose of this article is to give general information to the reader who is researching to learn more about the gray wolf with logical explanations and data.However, Berry Lopez approach is more like a story or dairy of the gray wolf that gives the reader a more detailed point of view about the lifestyle of a single wolf. Lopez text is a narration in chronological order that takes us on a trip through time explaining how the gray wolf does survives in the wilderness whereas Smith description about the wolf is not chronological. For example, she says, "the wolf weights ninety-four pounds and stands thirty inches at the shoulder. His feet are enormous, leaving prints in the mud...has two fractured ribs, broken by a moose...the skin on his right hip is scarred, from a fight...when he was as a yearling...has not had anything to eat but a few mice...but he is not hungry. He is traveling." Lopez mentions the gray wolf taking a journey through the forest, and elaborates what the wolf went through as a pup and yearling. She gives the weight of the wolf not as an average, but an exact estaminet how much this individual wolf weights. The author is focus on a male gray wolf, and she specifies his behavior, appearance and survival skills. Also, she makes assumptions what will happen later on as the wolf matures, when she says, "In seven months he will weight less...He will have tried unsuccessfully to mate with another wolf...He will have helped kill four moose and thirteen caribou. He will have fallen through ice..." I believe the author made this assumption based on scientific facts allowing the reader to notice the destiny of the gray wolf as he matures.In addition, there are different words that each author uses in their writing to illustrate movements and sounds of the gray wolf. In Lopez, "Wolf Notes", we can observe that she uses more variety descriptive words to give the reader a broader view on the lifestyle of the gray wolf whereas Smith uses words that are more factual and standard giving a more right forward information. In support of this, Lopez says, "He is staring into the grass. His ears are rammed forward, stiff. His back arches and he rears up and pounces like a cat. A deer mouse is pinned between his forepaws. Eaten." Lopez talks about the movements of the gray wolf in details of how he captures his prey. She uses the word pounce to show sudden movement of the wolf towards the mouse and compares the wolf to a cat. When Smith says, "They hunt prey on their own, steal the prey of other predators, or scavenge carrion", she illustrate movement with more command factual word such as hunt, steal, and scavenge. These words do not describe how the gray wolf moves; rather they show factual actions of the wolf with any descriptions. Another similar description about the gray...

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