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Despite Their Differences Men Look At Them the Same
The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald is a book based on the 1920’s where money was
at a pinnacle of it’s value. The era of old money. In the book there are two lead roles played by
females named Daisy and Myrtle. Daisy and Myrtle are from different parts of the world when it
comes to being treated by men and how no matter what their status was, they are looked at as
object by all men. Throughout the book you learn that Daisy and Myrtle are not as different as
they are portrayed to be, similarities are shown through how they are respected, social status and
their love for money.
Throughout the book you learn that a man named Tom is the husband of Daisy. Tom and
Daisy also have a little girl that was conceived by Daisy. After knowing all of this, the reader
must think that this is a perfect family because both Tom and Daisy’s families are extremely
wealthy, they also live in a remarkably large house and have a little girl. This was obviously not
enough for Tom and he decided that he needs another woman in his life that could give him even
more sexual pleasure so he can truly be pleased with his life. Knowing that he has a wife and a
daughter that wait for him to come home, he rather use his free time to go wander into the Valley
of Ashes to see this other woman. Miss Baker explains to Nick how Tom has another woman in
New York by saying “Tom’s got some woman in New York” (Fitzgerald 15), this quote shows
that Tom has another woman in is life, this also shows despite having a wife and daughter, Tom
shows no respect to Daisy by cheating on her.
A lead female role is played by Myrtle as she has a extremely important part in the book,
as she is the woman Tom makes love to when he is in the Valley of Ashes. Myrtle is the woman
that calls Tom’s house phone during the first chapter of the book “ the telephone rang inside,
startlingly” (Fitzgerald 15). Despite Myrtle being the woman that Tom has sex with as if it was a
hobby, Tom shows Myrtle that she cannot get out of line because once she does, Tom will get
extremely upset. In chapter two Myrtle says “ Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!- i’ll say it whenever I want
to! Daisy! Dai-” (Fitzgerald 37) after this Tom responds with “ making a short deft movement-
broke her nose with his open hand” (Fitzgerald 37). Tome showed Myrtl what happens when she
decides to disrespect Daisy which is ironic because as Tom is trying to demonstrate and set an
example of what would happen when Daisy is disrespected, Tom is disrespecting Daisy by
cheating on her.
Money has it’s value to everyone, but, to Tom and Daisy, money is like grass in the front
lawn of their house, they have an excessive amount of it. Tom is one of the most wealthy men in
West Egg, from his family being tremendously wealth, he married a woman with a lot of wealth
as well. Tom knows that Daisy would never leave him because of how much money he has and
that being a single mother was frowned upon and that was ...

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