The Lost Salt Gift Of Blood Example Creative Piece English Essay

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The saffron yellow blaze of the early morning glistened over the vast land, reminiscent of the then memories of a --- child. A long and now hazy nightfall passes with flickers of bright gold exposing the grey rocks residing in the islands harbour. The oceans gradual rise onto the shore washes away the dirt covering the islands stony ground allowing for an exposed walkway to the varying and what seems to be endless array of coloured houses.
Through the old sash window i catch a glimpse of a group of young children playing by the islands shore and hear their indistinct yet boisterous chatter. I inhale, bringing in the scent of the oceanside as i begin packing my clothes into my untapped suitcase. Having a final view of the now emptied room, with its aged paint chipped walls and old wooden wardrobe that's creaks would echo through the house, i begin to grow wary of my intentions. The image of my friends and my parents faces stick with me as i begin to leave the house, portraying signs of anger and frustration as i had informed them of me leaving the island. Before i am able to open the houses front a door a looming shadow comes over me, followed by the growing sound of sobbing. I turn to a view of a face which was crinkled from what seemed to be a sleepless night,...

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