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used as class final paper over and body system great research!!The Lymphatic SystemThe Lymphatic System is very important. It helpswith the Cardiovascular system, and our immune systems.The Lymphatic System is made up of two semi-independentparts. One is a network of lymphatic vessels. The otherpart is various lymphoid tissues and organs all over thebody. The functions of the Lymphatic System transportingfluids that have escaped from the blood vascular system,and the organs house phagocytic cells and lymphocytes.Lymphatic vessels are an elaborate system of drainagevessles that collect the excess protein-containing fluid andreturns it to the bloodstream.. Once an interstitial fluidenters the lymphatics it is called lymph. The lymphaticvessels form a one way system in which ...view middle of the document...

There are many cells in the lymphoid tissue. One typeis lymphocytes, which are reffered to often as T or B cells.Plasma cells are antibody-producing offspring of B cells.Macrophages are phagocytes that help out with immunity.Reticular cells are cells that form the lymphoid tissuestroma. Thes cells are very important parts of the immunesystem.The Lymphatic System also contains tissues. Thetissue of the Lymphatic System is reticular connectivetissue. It hold the macrophages and changes the number oflymphocytes. It is an important part of the immune system.The Lymphoid tissue can be found in the follicles.Lymphoid organs are discrete and encapsulated. The mainlymphoid organs are the spleen, tonsils, thymus and lymphnodes.The lymph nodes are placed along the lymphaticvessels. Each node has a fibrous capsule, a cortex, and amedulla. The lymph nodes circulate fluids. The lymphenters the lymph nodes through afferent lymphatic vesselsand exits through the efferent vessels. (afferent=enter,efferent=exit)Most lymphoid organs contain both macrophages andlymphocytes. The spleen is a place for immune function,and it kills defective or aged red blood cells andblood-borne pathogens. The spleen also stores platelets,products of hemoglobin, and acts as hematopoietic sites inthe fetus. The Thymus contains hormones. It is mostlyfunctional in youth. Peyer's patches are on the tonsils,intestional wall, lymphatic nodules of the appendix andnodules of the respitory tract. (MALT)The many functions of the lymphatic system help thebody to maintain body homeostasis. Some of the functionsare removing foreign matter, maintain correct bloodvolume, and very important in immunity. I never reallyrealized that the lymphatic system had so many functions.It seems to be a very important part of the body. Theimmunity part is very important.

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