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Resolved:The United States should abolish the capital gains tax.
· People should keep the money that they make from a sale
· It would allow certain people to make more money
· It would make it easier for older people to retire, because lots of the time people will sell many of their belongings to help them retire.
· The Laffer curve shows that the gov will receive more tax income because the less an activity is being taxed the more of it that is generated.
· By eliminating the capital gains tax it would increase economic growth because it would encourage people to buy and sell more and invest in more businesses without the fear of being taxed for it.
· Eliminating this tax would allow average citizens to generate more income because they would be able to buy and sell items to generate more money.
· Getting rid of the tax could stop some tax fraud because people wouldn't have to lie to keep the money they made in capital gain.
· There are lots of people that would rely on the money that they would make from capital gains so if the tax like a family that needs to sell their house to move to a new location. If the tax was taken away people would be able to keep more of the money that they need.
· The tax doesn't affect people in a big way
· By doing this taxes would be much more complex as stated by
· There are people that make a living on selling things more than they bought them for so abolishing this tax would make it so that they have a lower tax rate than a minimum wage worker.
· The tax allows richer people to gain more money because they are being taxed less because lots of them make money off of capital gain.
· By abolishing this tax thousands of people would not have to may lots of taxes because they make their living off of the capital gain that they get from selling houses or stock.
· If this tax is abolished the government will want to make up for the money that they are no longer making, so they could end up increasing taxes for people leaving people worse off than when they started.
· The thousands of people that have gotten rich off of investing or selling stock would be able to get even richer because they would be getting taxed less based on how they make their money which would make that unfair to regular people who work hard for their income and don't deserve to be paying m...


How Friar Lawrence Is Responsible For Romeo And Juliet's Death - English honors - essay

487 words - 2 pages Angelina Lopez     In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakesphere, there are several people that can be blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet. Because of them fighting with the Montague’s, forcing Juliet to marry Paris, and threatening to disown her if she didnt, Lady and Lord capulet are to blame and should be punished for Romeo and Juliets death. In the play, there are multiple examples of this happening.     In the play, the capulets

who is to blame for the death of romeo and juliet - grade 10 - essay

756 words - 4 pages Olusoji-Akomolafe, Precious Olusoji-Akomolafe Grade 10-1 English Miss Armstrong 25th May, 2018 Romeo and Juliet: Who's to blame? The play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare has been considered to be the most touching love stories of all time, but upon closer inspection we realize this love story was doomed from the first day they met. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy which involves star-crossed lovers from feuding families who end up killing

Romeo and Juliet- who is to blame for their death - St. Theresa's, English - Essay

422 words - 2 pages The Great Depression Portfolio  Jackdaw Evaluation:  Academic - complete any 7 activities plus the folder Applied - complete any 5 activities plus the folder  1. LETTERS/DIARY ENTRIES(2) - Reflect actual thoughts, feelings, issues - dates/persons being  written to are identified.  2. ANALYTICAL GRAPH /CHART - Graph is properly set up, information used is accurate, an  analysis shows a clear understanding of information.  3. POEMS (2) - One or

Who is to blame for romeo and juliet - English 1 honors - essay

487 words - 2 pages Angelina Lopez     In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakesphere, there are several people that can be blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet. Because of them fighting with the Montague’s, forcing Juliet to marry Paris, and threatening to disown her if she didnt, Lady and Lord capulet are to blame and should be punished for Romeo and Juliets death. In the play, there are multiple examples of this happening.     In the play, the capulets

Romeo and Juliet's death lay Friar Lawrence - Wesely College - Essay

978 words - 4 pages Friar Laurence makes some poor choices, it's questionable that he is the one to fault for Romeo's and Juliet's death. Prince Escalus makes some excellent points absolving Friar Laurence of any guilt and laying all blame on Lords Capulet and Montague. We see Prince Escalus exonerating the Friar in the line, "We still have known thee for a holy man". We additionally observe him laying all fault on Lords Capulet and Montague in the lines, "See what

Who Caused Romeo and Juliets Death? - ENG2DI - Essay

1379 words - 6 pages Free -weds. Two teenagers who believe they are in love, Romeo and Juliet, from William Shakespeare's play, ​Romeo and Juliet​, soon find themselves in a difficult position since their families are rivals and will not approve of their marriage. Romeo and Juliet must learn the hard way, that love does not always conquer all. Friar starts a chain of events, that eventually lead to tragedy and death. The Friar is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths

Will The Capulet And Montague Ever Stop?

400 words - 2 pages Will the Capulet and Montague ever stop?A fight breaks out in VeronaCRIME REPORTERYet another brawl took place yesterday morning at 9:15 on the streets of Verona.The Montagues and the Capulets had an argument which broke out into a fight.Many people were injured in this fight but no-one was killed.There is no good reason for why the fight broke out but our witnesses say that the servantsof both of the houses started it and had to do something

Who is to blame for the outcome of The Crucible - English 11 - Essay

838 words - 4 pages Branson �1 Grace Branson Tyler Zerbe English Literature 13 September 2018 Who is Really to Blame? Abigail Williams is the pebble that gets the avalanche of the Salem Witch Trials started. Although she is responsible for starting the witch trials, she is not entirely to blame for the outcome of the entire play. Abigail is a cruel and manipulative girl who will do anything to get what she wants and keep herself out of trouble. Abigail did not

In Your Opinion, What Is Most Responsible For The Tragedy In Romeo And Juliet?

1663 words - 7 pages There are three key areas that we can look at to see what factors were most responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. These are Fate and Destiny, Circumstances and Characters. These factors should cover the broad spectrum of causes and factors that contribute and perhaps be the most influential in the culmination of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.The first group of factors that I am going to look at is the interference of Fate and

The Responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s Tragic End - lornepark/English - essay

1063 words - 5 pages The Responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s Tragic End The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was due to a series of unfortunate events and each of these unfortunate events happened with the help of everyone who contributed to them. In this case many characters had done just that, but there were three parties who were especially guilty for Romeo and Juliet’s downfall. One of those parties were Juliet’s parents, Capulet and Lady Capulet. They drove her to

Who is most responsible for the fall of mankind in John Milton's Paradise Lost ? - Abingdon - Essay

3042 words - 13 pages Who is most responsible for the Fall of Adam and Eve in Milton’s Paradise Lost Book IX ? In Paradise Lost John Milton sought to ​“justify the ways of God to man”​, as is noted in the opening of the Poem adapted from the third book of Genesis. Milton teases the reader, notably in Book IX, with the culpability for the fall of mankind, and since its publication ,even more so with a modern readership, this has been greatly debated. While initially

Romeo And Juliet's Love Is Not Real Love, But Only An Idea Of The Real Aspect Of True Love

1161 words - 5 pages love.Juliet, a Capulet, sees Romeo and immediately falls for him. Juliet says, "My only love sprung from my only hate! / Too early seen unknown, and known too late! / Prodigious birth of love a loathe'd enemy (1.5.1370140)." In my opinion, Juliet is proven to be very immature in the very first scene, which she appears. Her mother tells her of her parent's plans to have her married to Paris and she responds sarcastically in an honest way: "It is an

Is fate or free will more prominent in Romeo and Juliet - Beverly High School english] - Essay

793 words - 4 pages [Romeo] out into little stars” when he dies. Throughout the play, these astral images are more often associated with the two lovers than with divine fate, emphasizing that, as the play’s action escalates, we cannot simply place the blame for the tragedy on some impersonal external force. It’s true that Romeo and Juliet have some spectacularly bad luck. Tybalt picks a fatal fight with Romeo on the latter’s wedding day, causing Capulet to move up the

Romeo And Juliet-Responsibility For Their Deaths

1323 words - 6 pages towards their daughter only pushed her closer to her death. For these reasons, Lord and Lady Capulet take on responsibility for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.The characters in Shakespeare's story of Romeo and Juliet all can be held responsible for their tragic fate. Friar Laurence, Tybalt, and Lord and Lady Capulet all take on active roles in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Their unreliability, careless mistakes, and abusive behavior towards the star-crossed lovers all make them accountable for the their fall. Therefore, the lesson learned is that intentional and unintentional mistakes all have consequences.

Is Victor Frankenstein the one to blame for the tragic deaths in the novel? - Grade 11 - Essay

445 words - 2 pages Free person. Next, there are our wants. The common definition of “want” is to have a desire to, possess, wish for, or do something. As well, as something that is not necessary. As you may have noticed an individual's wants may or may not be similar to someone else's. This all depends on who you are as a person and what your interests may be. Some examples of what a person's wants may be are toys, games, entertainment, jewelry, clothes, and so on