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In Your Opinion, What Is Most Responsible For The Tragedy In Romeo And Juliet?

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There are three key areas that we can look at to see what factors were most responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. These are Fate and Destiny, Circumstances and Characters. These factors should cover the broad spectrum of causes and factors that contribute and perhaps be the most influential in the culmination of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.The first group of factors that I am going to look at is the interference of Fate and Destiny. An example of Fate and Destiny playing a part in the tragedy is in Act 1 Scene 2 Lines 72-87 where Benvolio suggests to Romeo that they go and gate crash the Capulet masked ballROMEO: "A fair assembly: Whither should they come?SERVANT: Up.ROMEO: ...view middle of the document...

I will explore this option later.One other example that ties in with the factor of Fate and Destiny playing a part in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is in Act 3 scene 4 Line 16CAPULET: "Monday, ha ha! Well, Wednesday is too soon,A' Thursday let it be - a' Thursday, tell her,She shall be married to this noble earl........................................Therefore we'll have some half a dozen friends.And there an end, But what say you to Thursday?PARIS: My lord, I would that Thursday were tomorrow."In this passage Capulet's and Paris's planning go some way to sealing the fate and destiny of Juliet because they are controlling events without her knowledge. The fact that Joliet's father made the decision for his daughters future as the wife of Paris had far reaching consequences for everyone, this can be describe as an analogy of a pebble been dropped in a pond and the ripples and consequences effects everybody's lives, however in the Renaissance and Shakespearian eras it was the custom for powerful families to arrange their children's marriages so the thought of consulting Juliet on whether she shall marry Paris or not does not enter his decision making progress and he does not consciously see anything wrong in doing this because it was the accepted norm at the time.In the above paragraphs I have given three different instances of Fate and Destiny playing a part in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The quotes have been written in chronological order they all show relevance and describe instances of Fate and Destiny playing a part in the tragedy.The second major factor that contributes to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is the circumstances of various events that may have contributed to the tragedy.A basic example of circumstances contributing to the tragedy is the rivalry between the too families. This rivalry is shown throughout the play but the first account of when we the audience knows this is at the very beginning of the play when the chorus gives his opening speech."Two households, both alike in dignity,In fair Verona (where we lay our scene),From ancient grudge break our new mutiny,...........................................................The fearful passage of their death-marked love,And the continuance of their parent's rage,..........................................................What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend."This speech not only tells us of the rivalry between the two houses but it also tells us from the start that Romeo and Juliet will take their lives" A Pair of star crossed lovers take their life:"Another example that shows circumstances playing a part in the tragedy is in Act 3 Scene 1 from line 50 onward. This passage tells is of the confrontation between Tybalt and Romeo and Mercutio. (See 2nd quotation of 1st page) This passage is when Tybalt seeks vengeance of Romeo gate crashing the Capulet masked ball, however Romeo refuses to be baited and Mercutio decides to fight Tybalt himself. This particular...

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