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"The Most Dangerous Job" and chapter 14 of "The Jungle" are both good stories. They both use ethos and pathos to prove their point about the problematic conditions in the meatpacking industry. Out of both stories "The Most Dangerous Job" by Eric Schlosser is more effective with ethos and a little pathos then "The Jungle" By Upton Sinclair. I believe it more effective because it's more realistic and credible.
In "The Most Dangerous Job" Eric Schlosser was a reporter investigating the slaughterhouse work conditions. He uses ethos and pathos effectively to create a negative image of the slaughterhouse to the readers. The way he describes the slaughterhouse let the readers picture it in their heads. For instance in paragraph 2 "... The slaughterhouse is an immense
building, gray-and square, about three stories high, with no windows on the front and no architectural clues to what's happening inside." He also gives credibility cause he visits the building. In the first paragraph, he explains that he went there cause someone who works there is upset with-the working conditions. "The Jungle" is about Jurgis Rudkus and his family working in the meatpacking industry. Their story is a story of hardship with a lot of pathos in it. Not enough ethos in "The Jungle" at all.
To tell us more about the problematic conditions in the slaughterhouse he used workers. Like Raoul and Jesus, they had stuffer the slaughterhouse work conditions. They both had to work through the pain so they won't be out of work. Jesus lost two fingers and went into shock, he went back two work the following week."One night while Jesus was cleaning, a coworker forgot to turn off a machine, lost two fingers, and went into shock...He was back at work the following week". Raoul got his arm stuck and had a deep gash cause of it. After he got his painkiller he was driven back to work. "The machine accidentally went on. Raoul's arm got stuck...prescription painkiller, he was driven back to the slaughterhouse and put back on the production line." Eric proves the horrible conditions of the slaughterhouse with Raoul and Jesus by ethos. Raoul and Jesus are real people who worked for a slaughterhouse, that's credibility. On the other hand, "The Jungle" use fake people and too much pathos.
Kenny was something that shows us, readers that the meatpacking was a horrible place to work at. Kenny Dobbins was a victim of the meatpacking industry. Kenny was hard working men that fight through the pain. He was exposed to much chlorine and spend a month in the hospital. Kenny starts working a early morning shift for the company. He had to drive am an old truck to one part of the slaughterhouse to another. One morning in the winter, Kenny became disoriented while driving. He got out to see where he are and got hit by a train. Thank god the train was moving slowly. He saved a worker from getting hit by small hammers. For his heroic act, the company gave him “Outstanding Achievement in Concern For Fellow Workers”. It is a shame that Kenny could be so passionate about helping other workers yet his own company cannot show any concern for their own workers. He then broke his leg and ankle, he had to wear a spring-loaded brace for a long period of time that cost him pain. Some more bad stuff happen, when he was recovering from his injuries discover that he was fired from the company. He is in poor health cause of the working her had to do for the company. "His heart is permanently damaged. His immune system seems shot. His back hurts, his ankle hurts, and every so often he coughs up blood. He is unable to work at any job." A sad case that he went through he said, "They used me to the point where I had no body parts left to give...then they just tossed me into the trash can."
Eric Schlosser has proved his point and tells us the problematic conditions in the meatpacking industry using ethos and a little pathos. Having real stories that happen in real life. Using Kenny, Jesus, and Rauol in his story have convinced the readers. In "The Jungle" use a fake family to tell us the conditions and way too much pathos in the story. "The Most Dangerous job" did it better.


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