The Royal Proclamation To Officially End The 7 Year War Between France And Britain. - History - News Report

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Today marks day 1 after the signing of
the Royal Proclamation
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, Lawyer
as said by John Smith of New Hampshire, who is a colonist “I don’t like Quebec. The Canadians are the losers and I think that they got better than they deserved.” He along with some other colonist
that the war should have gone on.
People had different opinions on the signing of the Royal Proclamation, but King George III made it for the betterment of Canada, so if there
no more wars we will know that the treaty has worked. Let’s hope it make things better!
The official document signed by King George III
Yesterday, King George III issued the signing of the Royal Proclamation to officially end the 7 year war between France and Britain.
This proclamation (document) will affect three groups of people: Canadians in Quebec, colonist from the Thirteen colonies, and North America’s First Nation’s people. King George wants to create peace between these three groups of people and therefore outlined what is allowed and disallowed for them to do. Here are some of the things King Geo...

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