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This Essay Has Quotes And Points Of View From The Books Thoreau And Emerson

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Why Should We Read?Why should we read? What does reading provide us? What are the consequences of not reading? These are the questions you should think about when reading a book. Reading plain and simple books are not enough for our minds. We need to challenge ourselves to improve our self's. The challenges reading provides us will help us exercise our minds and in return we will gain knowledge. Books are like a new world waiting to be explored by readers. They await the time to inspire and influence the youth to greater careers. It has long been said that reading is the essential truth to life by many great writes such as Emerson and Thoreau. Not only do they speak about reading but they ...view middle of the document...

You train your mind to think more by reading. When the mind does gain strength and power but in a different manner. The mind transforms into a state where it can think critically and think deeper into meanings than a usual mind can. If you do not exercise your mind you will not make your mind stronger, which in return would give you less knowledge. However, if you do exercise your mind properly, you will be able to see messages in literature that normal minds wouldn't. It would be like having powers that others don't have. Exercising your mind will have an effect on the way your mind thinks, works, and organizes information. Everyone is inspired or influenced by something or someone to pursue a goal. Inspiration is a key component to a successful career it allows the person to keep going on even when they face some problems. "They are for nothing but to inspire." (Emerson, pg.57) This quote is a fact because when people go to college they take all the different subjects for the first two years. Then after they have the experience of all the subjects, they choose what they're most interested in. One would be interested in a specific subject after they have read and learned what the people who do those things do. The future outcome of being inspired or influenced is a greater chance of success in goals. Classic books are written by classic authors who wrote about reality. To understand these classic books your mind needs to...

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