Twitter Wars And How Far Is Too Far Responses Assignent

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Twitter Wars – How Far is Too Far?
Symon Manabat
1) How does this make you feel?
I forgot I answered the first question of the weekly article on the communication technology computers and forgot to send it to myself, I will add it on to the comments tomorrow (Thursday, April 19), Sorry for the inconvenience
2) Who do you think is right/wrong? Why?
I think who is right and wrong is quite simple, Stephanie is right and Alan is wrong. This is because no matter how I see this I look at who started it all. Which Alan began the whole situation since Stephanie reported him for mistreating her. But I would like to say is that it was wrong where Stephanie completely stabbed Alan out of no where and I thought she could of done it a little bit better and rational, but then again the situation was leading to something very serious. In relation with the social media I don’t find anyone right or wrong because the things they bring up are completely up to them in the media but what I see wrong here is that the just keep continuing of the problem. Yes, it is a big deal but continuing it will just make it longer and longer and both even bring up point where they go too far but I don’t see it wrong because they are both taking it too far to the point of that it’s a war. I see the whole article and the topic of social media conflict just another way of showing what is happening between them in a more public manner, making it that that is more wrong here than right.
3) Do you think actions/posts/tweets done online/social media should be punishable...


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