What Are Three Ways That The Fast Food Industry Is Affecting Society For The Worse - Class - Essay

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Jason Gutierrez, Oswaldo Guzman
Mrs. Garcia
Honors Biology Period 3
1 October 2018
Balloon Rocket Car
Hello everyone my name is Jason Gutierrez and my partner is Oswaldo Guzman and in our
experiment is Building a Balloon Rocket Car. The water bottle forms the chassis or body of the balloon
car, by starting this we mounted the wheels on this body. The purpose for this experiment is that to see if
the pressure of the balloon pushes the air right out the nozzle of the bottle which creates the car forward.
What we did to make this happen is we used a regular empty bottled water, drinking straws, a couple of
plastic bottle caps, balloon, and regular tape. We first stretched out the balloon by blowing it up and also
letting the air out of it a few times. We next then, make nozzle on the bottle cap, the size of the nozze is
very important in this experiment. If it is too small the air can not escape and the car will not go forward
and if it is too big the air will escape fast and the car will won’t go very far. We took the straws and
inserted it into the mouth of the balloon and seal the opening by wrapping a strip of tape around it. After,
we use a knife to cut two perpendicular slits in the top of the car about 4 back from the mouth of the
bottle. We left an inch of the nozzle sticking out of the mouth. Finally, we set the balloon race car on a
hard surface and blow the balloon up through the straws at the mouth of the bottle. Pinch the base of the
balloon from air escaping fast. Set the car down and let go of the balloon and then watch it go forward.
Facts about my experiment is that ​In its simplest form a rocket is a chamber that contains a
pressurized gas and a small opening, called a nozzle, in that chamber which releases the pressure. The
force of the released, which is called thrust, pushes the rocket in the opposite direction of the thrust. The
best way to think of it is how a skateboard moves. You push back on the ground to push the skateboard
forward. This principle of motion is one of Sir Isaac Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. In fact, it's the 3rd: for
every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Now, knowing all the scie...

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