White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots Frontier High School Research Paper

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White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots
White supremacy is a system that has been used to hold white dominance and superiority over minorities. White supremacy and white privilege has existed for centuries because many Americans believe in this ideology that one race is superior to others. Even though racism and white supremacy are no longer as apparent as they used to be, having Trump in presidency is resurrecting Grantism. As stated, “The danger of Grantism, and its implications for both America and the world, is very real” (Serwer, 19). The real concern is those that choose “white purity” over “diverse democracy,” and when Americans choose it to be that way a crisis follows.
At The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27, a man named Bowers gunned down 11 worshippers. He as so stated, “wanted all Jews to die” (Bowers, 18). The Tree of Life killings replicate the bias in opposition to immigrants that the Trump administration has encouraged. Bowers in the Pittsburgh slayings, was obsessed with the work of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS). Hours before the attack, Bowers made clear his rage at the society posting on the social community Gab, “HIAS likes to deliver invaders that kill our people. I can not stand by using and watch my human beings get slaughtered” (Bowers, 18). Bowers language was now not very different from the anti-immigrant language that Donald Trump used at the start of  his campaign when he stated of Mexican immigrants in America, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists” (Trump, 17). From that point forward Trump hasn’t quit campaigning on the reason that immigrants are a threat. Furthermore, behind the Tree of Life murders exist social forces with historical roots that should alarm everybody. Statistically the 11 deaths in Pittsburgh show that the anti-semitic incidents rose 57 percent, and that was only the first year of Trump’s presidency.
Madison Grant (1865-1937), an attorney and a zoologist with knowledge about wildlife and fascinated in the dangers of extinction, which soon became an objective for Madison to apply on humanity. Jews troubled Grant the most and it became to be known that Grant’s fear over the the Jews “ran wide and deep” (Serwer, 19). Grant’s work ...


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