Bio Notes For Grade 10 Students Who Go To Ontario High Schools Ontario High School Research Paper

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Textbook 7.1
Atmosphere - layer of gas surrounding planet or moon
Climate weather patterns over long time
Amount of solar radiation varies
Greenhouse effect is when gases in atmosphere absorb radiation from earth or planet
Increases planet temp by 34 degrees
Wind moves air from hot to cold and back
Wind moves the ocean currents
Tectonic plates move continents
Volcano eruptions release aerosols and block the solar radiation cooling earth
El nino and la nina are special wind patterns
Anthropogenic - Caused by humans
1. Climate is long term trends while weather is current
2. It drastically changes temperature to the point where places that get more have warmer climates and when one part of the earth gets more sun then the seasons will change
3. Pierre is closer to water which makes it so the climate fluctuates less because waters temperature changes less while toronto is not near water and as such it fluctuates more
4. The mountains change the temperature by acting as natural wind blockers which make it warmer
5. It greatly reduced the temperature because the aerosols that get launched into the atmosphere block the sun's rays
8. The burning of fossil fuels warms the climate and as we release pollutants it also warms it
Textbook 8.1
Energy budget - How the energy from the sun is exchanges over time (enters, moves, leaves)
As the snow melts the albedo decreases which warms the planet
Systems are many individual things working together to make one larger thing
Open system things can enter and leave but not in a closed system
Feedback loop a process where something leads to something else
Positive keeps on feeding into itself (1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1)
Negative end takes away from start(1 -> 2 -> 3 and 3 counters 1)
Electromagnetic radiation is energy that travels in waves and moves out in all directions\
Infrared ultraviolet radio waves X rays gamma rays and visible light’
Thermohaline circulation is 3d pattern of ocean currents driven by wind. Heat and salinity
Video oct 18
1.8 degree temp increase
Big cities would flood
Worst case is that food supplies go low
Climate change might be increasing natural disasters
Climate system is a complex system of air water ice land and vegetation these things interact with each other and create the world's climate
Main processes that affect a climate system are precipitation evaporation wind flow and ocean currents
Basically the components are analyzed with cause and affect or for climate scientists forcing and response
· Forcing factors that cause change
· Climate Response factors that change because of forces
Earth’s climate has and will change a lot
· Hot and Dry spell in 1930 in great plains of usa
· Ice covered canada 21 thousand years ago
· Very warm temps with no snow on poles 100 mil years ago
Climate Forcing
4 Kinds of forcing naturally
1. Tectonic Processes - Over long time diff continents will be exposed to different amount of solar radiation
2. Earth Orbital changes - change amount of solar radiation got by the...

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