Would Gregor(Metamorphosis) Leave Or Stay On Omelas? What Bout His Parents? Grete? Sanger High School/World Literature Honors Argumentative Essay

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Gregor, throughout the course of Metamorphosis has shown himself to be very selfless, family oriented, and cowardly, even following his transformation. On the other hand, Gregor’s parents were shown to be more on the selfish, uncaring side, having little to no mercy on Gregor after his transformation. When it came to walking away from Omelas, Gregor would not leave his family behind, while his parents and sister would disregard the child in an an act of cowardice and self-preservation.
Gregor, because of his family, would not leave Omelas. “Ahh, if it wasn’t for my parent’s predicament I would have quit long ago”(Kafka, p.11). Gregor doesn’t have to help his parents, but he does, working tirelessly to get them out of debt. Gregor is not one to abandon his family, especially when he is their primary moneymaker, so he would not leave them behind in Omelas. Gregor is also very close with his sister, horrified that she might have to work in the following statements, “At seventeen she is a meer child who shouldn’t be deprived of the easy life she’s led until now.”(Kafka, p.38). Gregor clearly cares greatly about his sister, not wanting her to work to pay the debt at a young age, wanting her to be able to live her young years free. Gregor’s self-sacrificing, agape-like love for his family would prevent him from leaving Omelas.
Gregor’s parents would not leave the seemingly perfect life of Omelas. Not only do they both display the cowardly tendencies reflected in Gregor, but the father is especially selfish and rude, and would surely rather sacrifice the life of one for the many. “His father considered only the harshest measures suitable for dealing with him.”(Kafka p.48) Gregor’s thoughts about his father’s present and past cruelty towards him are evidence that Gregor’s father disregards the fact that the bug he is abusing was once his son, and clearly doesn’t care. Therefore, he would not mind the treatment of the child, since he would treat even his own son in that manner. His wife on the other hand was not necessarily cruel, as she is seen begging for Gregor’s life in the following quote, “Spare Gregor, I beg you, spare him!”...

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