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911 Essay

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It was a tuesday morning the date was 09-11-01 and their was about 40-50 students in the cafeteria and about 150 students on the field and a commercial plain flew over the school going faster than the speed of sound. A sonic boom shook the school like a wrecking hitting the school. All the students started going ...view middle of the document...

" "I cant believe that happened." Finally a fellow teacher asked her what happened the teacher said a commercial plain crashed into Luke Air Force Base. The plain crashed into the most important part of the base. The part that the captain and all of the pilots were meeting and training. After lunch was over every one was shook up and hysterical.Because something like that has never happened. Every one was back in class when the teacher came to every class and informed everyone that another plain of the same type Crashed into the silo that kept all of the new bombs and guns. The explosion hit the hospital, the stores, and houses on the base. Now people are going bankrupt because the taxes went up to pay to put luke back tougher, and people that can go only to that hospital are dying because other hospitals wont accept their insurance carrier.

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