A Study Of Blacksmiths In Medieval Times Dramatic Arts Subclass

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Artificer Specialist: Armorer
an armorer is an artificer focused on protecting themselves and outliving the most absurd and dangerous combat situations, from heavy armor that’s almost unbreakable with fists of the hardest metal to break the enemies opposing them.
Master Armorer.
When you choose this proficiency you gain proficiency with heavy armor and with the Smith’s Tools.
Tinkerer’s Armor.
At 1st level, you forge an extremely strong and heavy suit of armor, the description of the armor is up to you and/or your DM. The Tinkerer’s Armor imposes disadvantage on Dexterity (stealth) checks and has an Armor Class of 17 it’s a magical item but is immune to dispelling effects such as dispel magic and antimagic field.
Gauntlets of Titans stone.
Also at 1st level together with the Tinkerer’s Armor you construct a set of Gauntlets who are empowered by your tinkering abilities and the magic you weaved in. These Gauntlets of Titans Stone become your main source of damage while using the Gauntlets you gain the following benefits.
-You can use Intelligence instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your Gauntlet strikes.
- You can roll a d4 in place of the damage of the Gauntlet Strikes. This die changes as you gain Artificer levels.
Level 3: 2d6
Level 6: 2d8
level 9: 2d10
- The Gauntlets are dual wielding so those same rules apply.
Tinkered Armor
After 3th level you have tinkered a bit on your armor to give it better plating and in your succession your armor can now for a reaction absorb the vibrations of a blow when you are struck by a melee attack an amount of times equal to your Intelligence modifier. You absorb the damage by rolling 1d8 + your Strength Modifier. The damage from the attack is reduced by the total.
You must be wearing the Tinkerer’s armor to use this feature.
Tinkered Gauntlets of Titans Stone
Content with the armor you tinkered on your Gauntlets and from 6th le...


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