Arts Based Literacy Concerning Genre Study In The Classroom Texas A&M Corpus Christi Education Essay

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3rd Grade class
Genre Study: Fiction Group Project (Book Study)
Introduction: Begin with reviewing the meaning of nonfiction as a whole group lesson. Will explain that nonfiction is a prose writing based on facts. As a whole the class will create an anchor chart based on nonfiction. Students will list components that make up nonfiction. Once finished with the anchor chart teacher will introduce students to a list of nonfiction books that are provided in the classroom library (Just a handful of popular books)
List: Because of Winn Dixie, Charlotte’s Web, Island of the Blue Dolphins, This Side of Wild, A Sick Day for Amos McGee, Frog and Toad Together, Feathers, West of the Moon, El Deafo, Savvy.
Objectives: Students will get an introduction on fiction texts and identify what they already know about this genre. Students will prepare to read a fiction book by building background knowledge with their peers and learning key vocabulary in their book. Children will continue to learn about text features that are associated with fiction. Students will learn about different text structures used in fiction when other groups share their project with class during share time. Students will check their comprehension skills and apply what they have learned in their own writing while working in their writer’s notebooks individually during writing workshop. Students will create different methods to understand a nonfiction book. Students will be able to learn about many different fiction books.
Focus lessons:
· Group Project: Students will be instructed to pair up with 2-3 partners. Students will be asked to complete a 7-step project. (1) Together students will create a comic strip version of the book or informational text. (2) Students will also create an illustrated glossary of terms for their book (words that may not be familiar to class.) (3) Students will choose a specific part of the book t...


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