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Explore – Impact of Computing Innovations
Written Response Submission Template
Please see ​Assessment Overview and Performance Task Directions for Student​ for the task
directions and recommended word counts.
Computational Artifact
 Virtual Reality “VR” is my computing innovation. It is made using
computing technology to create a simulated environment in which the
brain adapts to. Its main difference from traditional display technology is
that the consumer becomes submerged into and has the ability to interact
with the scene around them. The artifact depicts two things about the VR -
how it works, and it’s success and growth. It shows how working a VR
requires a complex process between input/output devices, and cpu’s.
Everything needs to be perfect in order for the user to receive the
maximum experience. (5) The success and growth part of my artifact
shows two charts, both which depict the great success of the VR. One of
these being the projected exponential sales of the device through 2021,
and also the other one being the exponential amount of sales in 2016
alone, surpassing all other forms of electronic entertainment. (1)
 In order to make my artifact, I used Google Drawings. I had make two
sections, one is the “How it works” section, another is the “Success and
Growth of the VR” section. For the information that had to be depicted in
text, such as the heading, and the words in the chart graphic, I had used
text boxes. I had also added pictures that were selected from the internet
to incorporate into my chart graphic. I used arrows from the Google
Drawings to depict which way the cycle was going. In the “Success and
Growth of the VR” section, I had used Google Images to find a chart that
depicts the sales of the VR all the way to 2021. I had also made another
chart in Google Sheets by inserting the data of various electronic
entertainment sources in 2016 in two columns, and creating a chart
afterwards. These charts both show the increasing popularity trend that
the VR is heading.
AP Computer Science Principles Effective Fall 2017 Page 1​ of 3
Computing Innovation
 VR has many beneficial benefits. One of these is the ability to bring office
workers digitally together in events such as conferences and meetings. In
this case, rather than just seeing people on a monitor screen, it will
simulate a more realistic environment where the user can truly feel that
their coworkers are right next to them, even if they were on the other side
of the world. (4) It also has the ability...

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