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I admit it was just pretend at the startbut somehow you captured my heartafraid to admit our love was trueI turned my back and hurt youThe Sharp words, weapons to hurt.Too busy making a living to flirt.Lost opportunities, now that's all.Every hurt, another brick in my wall.Turning my back to hurt you,promised never to dessert you.I hurt you with a great big lie.To this day I don't know whyBeing with me in your wholeness dear,is too much torture for you I fear.Unworthy of love, and unworthy of youmy fortunes are cursed, I feel it's true.For protection I built the wall,for security I made it really tall.But it shut you out from me,limiting the horizons I see.Trapped inside my man-made cage.Filled with unreasonable rage.Fooled by my own foolish dreams.Deaf now to my own terrified screams.Worthless is the dark self image I now paint.Abandoned by the dreams I hoped to find.Fallen and filthy, I can no longer be a saint.Absorbed in my darkness I've become blind.I cannot ask for anyone to change, you seebut I pray the changes to begin with me.Let it be me that is made into someone newand someday maybe I'll be good enough for you .As I leave I take my final bowto exit and to leave you somehowyet I can still see through my tearsleaving now is hard after these yearsHurting I turn my back on youDesserting I've left you


The Great Gatsby- Close To Perfect - Honors English - Essay

588 words - 3 pages big factor in the character that many admire. Brick is love by everyone in the play, Big Mama and Big Daddy treat him as the favorite son. We see their favoritism towards Brick a lot throughout the play. For example, “I want Brick! Where's Brick? Where’s my only son?” (Williams 106). Big Mama says this after she finds out that Big Daddy is actually dying. This scene shows how much Big Mama favors Brick because although she has another son she

Essay On Critical Thinking

575 words - 3 pages temporary homes.Another famous man Commissioner Platzker is asked about conversion of small houses: " Make a survey of the one and two family brick homes that are susceptible to conversion. Mark you under the law today these building may be converted from one to two, and two to three family brick houses. One amendment would permit to reconversion to reduce yard of the family house from thirty minimum to twenty minimum"¦" Another well-known

How Lego ensures the standard line product globally? - Essa

1017 words - 5 pages another Lego brick. A flawless track record of quality production. Perhaps we should refashion our political system on Lego's model of lean manufacturing, efficiency, and quality control. Because for this Danish company with irresistible toys, only the best will do. As they say in Billund, "det bedste er ikke for godt." Bricks throw together, right ones end up in the right bad by the machine. In this

"Dry Cistern" - On Bartleby The Scriven

2016 words - 9 pages did not, when one was "on" the other was "off." Neither could be deemed a man, but rather, half of a man; without one another, they would not have been able to function. Neither man was fully or completely involved in his job. Conversely, there was the isolated Bartleby.At first Bartleby did "an extraordinary quantity of writing… he ran a day and night line, copying by sun-light and by candle-light… he wrote on silently, palely

The Catcher In The Rye Essay

614 words - 3 pages cope and prevail. With this, the theme expressed was to not run away come what may.Holden feels as if he is excluded and wronged by the environment around him. He senses he is traveling on a road that he shouldn't to be on, a road where he doesn't belong. Estrangement shields him from being hurt. His hunting hat, one of his shields, gave him a sense of security. It gave him confidence like his cynicism. This was also a brick in the wall he built to

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1022 words - 5 pages the correct amount of materials needed for the project whether that is brick, timber, roof tiles or how many steal columns, beams are needed if to do so depending on what the building surveyor asks / client. The reason why a building surveyor and a quantity surveyor interact with one another as all the information that is asked to the quantity surveyor it would need to be sent back with how much material is needed for a certain part of the project

Anthropology 110- Review chapter 9 - Anthropology 110 - Chapter 9 Study guide

707 words - 3 pages Anthropology 101: Introduction to anthropology The study of Culture Review questions Key terms Cultural anthropology: Culture: sets of learned behaviors, ideas, beliefs, values and ideals that are characteristic of a particular society or population Features of Culture: Culture is learned, shared, patterned (integrated), adaptive and symbolic. Ethnocentrism: judging another culture solely on the terms of one’s own culture Cultural relativism

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2475 words - 10 pages focused on brick-and-Mortar and later spread to telephone commerce with a 24/7 service. Moreover company has launched their own network of independent florist called BloomNet. In 1991 CEO Mr. Jim McCann and his team entered in to online sales by being one of the first retailers which was an innovative decision and later it revolutionised the floral industry landscape. This kick started the massive hike in to their business thru their websites 1

Ethnography of Uptown New Orleans Youth - Anthropology - Essay

1463 words - 6 pages . Through the light crowd, I could see the boxing ring. Though it was referred to as a ring, if it was properly furnished, I would have called in a living room. The ring was enclosed by cage doors opening to the porch, two adjacent walls, and an open side with a room of another crowd. This ring was interesting, because it was easily accessible to anyone and was not very legitimate. The crowd was a stereotypical scene of a college party. The group

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936 words - 4 pages CHE Team Challenge 1 Conclusion and Recommendations The purpose of the double pipe heat exchanger is to regulate running hot and cold water to attain a range of temperature by opening and closing valves. This is achieved by figuring out the LEGO NXT program for the NXT Brick. Team members worked together to examine the program and all of its properties. Each team was given a basic structure of the program; however the program had to have minor


825 words - 4 pages or incorrect is the various interpretations of a "free will", according to the sceptics dictionary it's the result of choices made by an act of will by the agent. There is however no general definition which allows for more freedom in the debate determinism vs. free will. Another problem is that we lack sufficient knowledge to prove the theory right or wrong. For example in order for the theory to be correct the lifespan of the universe has to be

American unseen analysis - Essay

876 words - 4 pages when religion was integral to many lives, a time before religion was replaced by consumerism. The wife's dedication to faith, which keeps her at home on a Sunday, emphasizes this idea at a time when commitment to religion began to become a commitment to parties. A quaint image is created, with streets of tiny brick houses, fluted pillars, and the picturesqueness of clothes-lines fluttering far aloft. Although this image is later contrasted

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1248 words - 5 pages tombs of pharaohs or nobles, the sphinx which is a spiritual figure of the creatures was often included in tomb and temple complexes. The ancient Egyptians believed when death came, it was only a transition to another realm where, if one were justified by the gods, one would live eternally in a paradise known as The Field of Reeds. The journey to the afterlife was long, and so the Egyptians, especially Pharaohs were known to be buried with food


3952 words - 16 pages associates from commission-based to non- commissioned-based, which resulted in consumers having more control over the purchasing process and in cost savings for the company (the number of sales associates was reduced). In 2005, Best Buy took customer service a step further by moving from peddling gadgets to a customer centric operating model. It was now gearing up for another change to focus on store design and providing products and services in

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1128 words - 5 pages absolute hardest to steer away from the tempting cover's depiction, even though it did not bring justice of Tolkien. - I had taken down 'To Emerald City' from the main wall, caressing the surface pitifully. It was thick from the copious layers of white that I had slapped on top, erasing my half-hearted attempts at the Yellow Brick Road. A freshly primed canvas resided on my eager easel in replacement. I rapidly tapped my brush's handle against the top