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Another Brick Essay

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I admit it was just pretend at the startbut somehow you captured my heartafraid to admit our love was trueI turned my back and hurt youThe Sharp words, weapons to hurt.Too busy making a living to flirt.Lost opportunities, now that's all.Every hurt, another brick in my wall.Turning my back to hurt you,promised never to dessert ...view middle of the document...

Unworthy of love, and unworthy of youmy fortunes are cursed, I feel it's true.For protection I built the wall,for security I made it really tall.But it shut you out from me,limiting the horizons I see.Trapped inside my man-made cage.Filled with unreasonable rage.Fooled by my own foolish dreams.Deaf now to my own terrified screams.Worthless is the dark self image I now paint.Abandoned by the dreams I hoped to find.Fallen and filthy, I can no longer be a saint.Absorbed in my darkness I've become blind.I cannot ask for anyone to change, you seebut I pray the changes to begin with me.Let it be me that is made into someone newand someday maybe I'll be good enough for you .As I leave I take my final bowto exit and to leave you somehowyet I can still see through my tearsleaving now is hard after these yearsHurting I turn my back on youDesserting I've left you

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