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Sweeden 2G. Renee SweedenInstructor SmithEnglish 0933, Writing 117 November 2014Breakfast FoodsMorning is the gloomiest part of the day for me. It feels like I am missing about three hours of sleep. However, somewhere in my sub-consciousness, I realize that if I don't wake up and get to work, my livelihood would be over. The car would be repossessed, and I could get evicted out of my house. I then have to face the dilemma of what to make for breakfast. I have to decide whether or not I want cold cereal, hot cereal or the artery clotting foods.One of the quickest and most popular breakfast foods is c ...view middle of the document...

Hot cereal might not be as popular as cold cereal, but it's just as quick to put on the table. Hot cereal such as oats is wholesome and known to lower cholesterol levels. Oats can be prepared effortlessly. With just boiling water and one part oats, breakfast is served. Another hot cereal is grits, however, grits is different in texture but equal in taste.The last category of the breakfast dilemma is the greasy food group which can include bacon or sausage, eggs and gravy. This breakfast is not quick to make, but is the most desirable. There are several types of bacon. Eggs also come in various sizes and color but once cracked they are the same. A quick way to cook bacon is the microwave, but the preferred way is fried. Eggs can be boiled, scrambled, fried and even made into omelets. Sausage usually is fried also, and then it can be crumbled up and made into sausage gravy. This breakfast is of course time consuming and high in cholesterol and should be eaten in moderation.As the most important meal of the day, I wish breakfast would have more alluring choices. The cold cereal is ok but not every day. The hot cereal is good in the winter time and the fully cooked meals even tho they are high in cholesterol take too long to cook during weekday mornings. However, I sometimes make extra food at dinner the night before so I can have left overs for breakfast and then I get to sleep a little while longer..


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511 words - 3 pages Free Australian Ingredients 2. Very small market share outside Australia 3. A number of expensive products available in the market Opportunity 1. Expand foot print in all countries currently present 2. Can increase fortified products 3. Can easily expand to the cereal and breakfast segment 4. Cookies is another category to enter Threats 1. Strong competition from Kraft in all the markets where Arnott's is present 2. Entry of international companies

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897 words - 4 pages Kellogg and John Harvey Kellogg): promoting a healthy diet. This is in relation to food production as well as processing because Kellogg’s was able to discover healthy “convenience foods” that were healthy but still a “grab and go” food. Breakfast cereal is sometimes perceived as high in sugar compared with other breakfast options – and it has been suggested by some that reduced consumption could help to lower sugar intakes. Breakfast cereals

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1731 words - 7 pages point in my life I feel that it is crucial to have a good diet because without it I can become more stressed and even more tired than I need to be. Being in college as it is makes me very stressed and tired. I need to be able to set up a healthy diet and be able to obtain it the entire I am in college. On a daily basis I would not say that I consume foods that are thought to be healthy for me. I spend a lot of mine time eating junk foods

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1793 words - 8 pages ENC 1102 11 December 2017 Nutrition in the Elementary School Setting What children eat is essential to their development especially at such an early age. School lunches have changed throughout the years but in the US, specifically, they always tend to be frozen foods that have no nutritional value. Around the world you will see school lunches that have foods from all 5 food groups: fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy. The way we feed

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418 words - 2 pages . Numerous amounts of beans are also grown especially red beans; in Japan they are very popular with the locals. A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of foods that make up a complete meal that is full of the daily nutrients that helps start the day. These foods tend not to be greasy, deep-fried or rich instead they are light, nutritious yet filling. Most Japanese families have rice, miso soup, a protein (most likely grilled fish) and various side

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1390 words - 6 pages single bond instead of a double bond, can easily increase the amount of LDL in the body. Trans fatty acids, are also responsible for elevated LDL levels. Unfortunately, the standard American diet is dangerously high in both saturated and trans fats and are particularly common at convenient fast food and quick service restaurants. The sources of LDL are almost never ending and include foods such as dairy products, red meats, processed meats (cold

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1028 words - 5 pages week. These meals consist of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and probably a snack incorporated somewhere between these meals. People are expected to get the five basic food groups, which are fruits, vegetables, grain, dairy, and poultry. They are also expected to get the six essential nutrients, which are proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. While it sounds easy to do, it is not, as people have trouble being consistent with

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2944 words - 12 pages compared to the food guide pyramid. The foods in my diet that provide the most fiber in a day's meals romaine lettuce, listed in figure one at 3 servings. Tomatoes and asparagus are listed at half a serving each providing my least amount of fiber.Diet ChangesFor starters, I could replace an egg at breakfast with an orange or a banana, which is equivalent to one serving. (Wardlaw, 2006) Both ounces of ham during the mid-morning snack can be

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2605 words - 11 pages initial batch of Kellogg's Corn Flakes bringing to life his vision for great-tasting, 'better-for-you' breakfast foods.Kellogg embraced every opportunity to make a difference in peoples' lives and was motivated by his passion to help people improve their health. Today, over a hundred years since it was first founded, the Kellogg company still upholds his original values. The company is the world's leading producer of cereals and a market leader in

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3915 words - 16 pages Free knowledge of nutritional attributes of pecans and factors affecting purchasing behavior.HortTechnology 18:481–488. 14.Muth, M.K., Zhen, C., Taylor, J., Cates, S., Kosa, K., Zorn, D., Choiniere, C. (2013)The value to consumers of health labeling: Statements on breakfast foods and cereals.J. Food Prod. Mktg. 19(4):279–298. 15.Nayga, R.M(1995) Microdata expenditure analysis of disaggregate meat products.Rev. Agr. Econ. 17(3):275–285. 16.Nayga, R.M

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3138 words - 13 pages ) – less effectively than statins, Increase HDL (good cholesterol) ● Side and Adverse Effects: o GI symptoms: NVD o Gallstones o Myopathy (pain in muscles and joints) o Liver toxicity ● Administration: oral only​→​ take twice daily 30 min before breakfast/dinner. Monitor periodic LDL, HDL, triglyceride and total cholesterol levels for improvement. o Antianginals ▪ Nitrates​- nitroglycerin (Nitrostat, Nitro-Dur)/ isosorbide (Isordil) ● Expected

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5380 words - 22 pages underachieve when compared to their more affluent counterparts (McCluskey, 2017). With evidence of health and wellbeing increasing academic achievement it must be contemplated as to how it can benefit children from lower-income families. One way in which health and wellbeing may be significant to those in low-income families is through initiatives such as breakfast clubs. Providing a healthy breakfast to young people at the start of their day may allow

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2124 words - 9 pages would be fed plain fatty foods and they would live in small huts with many people. Punishments occurred, death was extremely likely, and the chance of escaping was low. Life was extremely tough. Domestic slaves had particular characteristics in their lives that were different from other slaves. Although most slaves were field labourers, many worked either as domestic servants or as skilled craftspeople on the plantations or in towns. Most of the

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2614 words - 11 pages , Hysterectomy (May 3, 2010, Appendectomy (12/2001), Gerd, urinary incontinence. Family Health History: Patient stated that her father died from lung cancer in 2005. Patients states mother died of COPD complications at the age 69 Diet: Ordered: Low fat milk, no fried foods, no added salt, vegetables and fruits, cereals. Activity/Assistive Devices: One assist with transfer belt to the wheel chair Treatment Orders (dressing changes, blood sugar monitoring

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5741 words - 23 pages ! Historical Background: Bread is one of the first baked foods, that are known and still used daily. The first couple of forms of bread was flour and water without yeast, meaning it was unleavened. This unleavened bread was the first form of flatbread that existed. Many flatbreads are tough and are harder to digest than the stereotypical bread. The first leavened bread was created by the Egyptians about 3000 B.C.E. It was created by using old dough