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INDUSTRY GUIDE: MARKETING & ADVERTISING Note: The fields and occupations listed below represent only a sampling of options
Marketing professionals seek to understand customers to influence their purchase and use of products or services. Your clients may be other businesses (B2B Marketing) and/or consumers (B2C/Direct Marketing). You may work in the marketing department of an organization (in-house) or for a marketing firm. Brand/Product Manager: Responsible for profit/loss and key elements of strategy (including pricing, distribution, promotion/advertising, aspects of the product/service itself) for a product or service within a company. Determine sales potential of new ...view middle of the document...

Agencies may provide everything from strategy, ad development, and media buying to production (full-service firms), or they may focus on just one service (boutique firm). Agencies may work across industries or specialize in advertising for one or two industries. Account Manager: Is deeply involved in the conceptualization and implementation of ad campaigns. Works closely with others within the agency to ensure client needs are being met. Account Executives serve as a liaison between the client and agency. Media Planning/Buying: Decide how to most effectively utilize client's budget to purchase television time, radio spots, digital media, social media, etc. Negotiate with media outlets to get the best price for client.

ADVERTISING (continued) Copywriter/Art Director: Writes the text/creates the design ("draws" the visuals) for print, radio, television, and Internet advertisements and commercials to promote certain products or services.
Production Managers: Coordinate the execution of the advertisement - either via print, radio or broadcast production. Account Planners/Researchers: Conduct qualitative research to better understand consumer behavior. Responsible for developing the creative brief. Inform others within the agency about their findings. Often commission quantitative research and analyze data regarding consumer trends, advertisements in development and in-market effectiveness.
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Advertising Top Advertising and PR Employers CANDID CAREERS (through NYU CareerNet) Stuart Elliott for
Profiles of advertising professionals
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● RSVP for relevant events, and apply for jobs
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RELATED DEGREE-GRANTING FIELDS AT NYU This list serves as a sample of majors that relate to the industry. You should also speak to an academic advisor
or career counselor for further insight on how majors relate to your career. College of Arts and Sciences
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808 words - 4 pages ). Cultural Masculinity/Femininity Influences on Advertising Appeals. Journal of Advertising Research. Mooij, M. d. (1943). Global Marketing and Advertising: Understanding Cultural Paradoxes. London: SAGE Publications. Pollay, R. W. (1986). The distorted mirror: Reflections on the unintended consequences of advertising. Journal of Marketing, 18-36. Yong Zhang, J. P. (1997). The influence of culture on advertising effectiveness in China and the USA: A cross‐cultural study. European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 31 Issue: 2, 134-149.

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2152 words - 9 pages , stable way of behaving is likely to lead to failure” (Firat and Schultz, 1997: 197) The future of marketing is seemingly bound up in research into neuroscience that looks at what and how advertising works on people. The science allows marketers to have the opportunity to create an emotional affinity with brands and forge effective long-term bond with consumers. This next section the theory will be applied to Virgin Atlantic’s marketing schemes

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