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Broken Promises A Short Drama Between A Married Couple Problems Resulting From Too Many Broken Promises

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Broken Promises is a short drama between a married couple problems resulting from too many broken promises. Cynthia is the protagonist wife who is sick and tired of her husband Pete's fallacies towards her. Cynthia is a strong Hispanic twenty-five year old female who gave up her hopes and dreams of becoming a high dollar defense attorney to marry her High School sweetheart Pete. Cynthia had been hesitant to marry so young but at the urging of her very traditional Mexican family's constant argument "women are suppose to get married and have babies, college is for men" she finally agreed to the marriage. Since marrying Pete, Cynthia became a house wife and dedicated herself completely to her ...view middle of the document...

He is an auto mechanic, also twenty five and pays little attention to his appearance. Pete's friends are always telling him that he is lucky to have a wife like Cynthia and he just shrugs theircompliments. Over the years Pete has become a macho man believing himself to be God's gift to women. When he receives a compliment on his wife his usual reply is, "Yah whatever, the women's place in the home and her job is to please her man, she's just doing her job, and she better do it right." When under the watchful eye in public, Cynthia always plays the part of the perfect wife. Even if Pete treats her rudely or belittles her in front of others she always finds a way to make good of the situation so as to not bring embarrassment to herself or her husband. Cynthia has no close friends, when her husbands friends come over she sometimes gets to talk a little with them. Pete is so jealous that he doesn't allow Cynthia to make friends with any one; her only companions are her garden and her books. Cynthia even has to sneak away to the library and hide her books from her husband because Pete is even intimidated by her knowledge. Cynthia is completely dependent on her husband; she has no money of her own and relies on her husband to take her shopping.Recently Cynthia has been losing her patience with her miserable husband and sad life. When Cynthia looks in the mirror she tells herself that she could do so much better...

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