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Cell Phones Essay

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Cell Phone Marketing Chuck Minken Presentation By: Krista How cell phone companies are currently marketing themselves Shirley How cell phone companies have marketed themselves in the past Cedric How and why have they Repositioned them selves Gordon Where the different companies have positioned them selves in the market Clint Company standings, who and why they are on top Ali Rankings of web pages, adds, service? Steve Money, company growth, user income Seminar Format For our presentation on cell phone marketing our main presentation tool will be power point. We are hopping to take advantage of the digital projector, if that is unavailable we will be able to use the overhead projector. ...view middle of the document...

Cedric will also compare old planes to new one, and explain how and why cellular providers are trying to appeal to a different crowd, and who they used to aim the marketing at.Gordon will cover the current positioning of cellular companies. After explaining a little about each company he will ask the class if they agree or not with the company positioning. Gord will also elaborate on the different companies positioning strategies.Clint will reveal the company standings, but not before he gets the class to vote on what they think the order is. He will go into more detail about why they are in that order and if it will stay that way.Ali has been looking at and ranking all the different forms of media used to market the companies. He will be explaining what web pages are better then others, flyers, and adds. He will have handouts to give the class so he can show them what he is talking about. These will include printed copies of web pages, and paper ads.Steve will show the class who much money the different companies are making compared to their market share, also the price of stocks for each company. He will relate it back to a marketing aspect by seeing if the more money they spend on marketing the more customers they get. Steve will also show age percentages of the users and income levels.Seminar Content Shirley will start off our presentation by giving us a little history on the major cell phone companies. She will review who was the first to offer cretin features and why. Features like digital PCS service, wireless Internet and email, and instant messaging. Shirley will also explain to the class why cretin companies decided to merge or by out other ones. She will focus on Rogers and Cantel AT&T merger and why that was the way those companies decided to go. Shirley will also explain why Telus decided to by out Clearnet and how that has helped the company.Cedric will be next up. He will cover in detail how and why the major companies have repositioned themselves. His main focus will be on how and why the costumer demographic has changed from the original costumers. He will explain how the companies have changed their marketing strategies to grab then new costumer base.Gord will then jump in and show where companies are now. He will explain with examples where the companies are positioned now and why they are there. Gord will show what they have done to help keep themselves where...

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