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1. Thesis statement (rewrite topic)
2. Introduce text-This is evidence in the feature film, Up (2009) directed by Pete Doctor+Bob Peterson
3. Text Summary-Up is an adventure that begins with an old man, CF tying thousands of balloons to his house+flies away to Paradise Falls, to achieve his+ his deceased wife, Ellie’s dream. C faces many challenges along the way making him realise that one must aim/fly to something greater than ourselves.
4. This text conveys the ideas that (3 ideas you’re going to talk about)
· The film promotes the idea that good will always triumph over evil (we should live by this moral)
· Our protagonist, Carl, defeats Muntz, the antagonist. This is shown by the bird’s eye view angle of Muntz falling to his death.
· This camera angle made the character appear small+powerless to our heroes
· Friendship is important and can appear in unsuspecting ways+people
· Bright lighting, sunny weather (symbolic to happiness) size of house, not overly big, but big enough for them (demonstrated as a long shot). Childish + bright colours-Represents their personality. 2 different chairs are always together, although they’re completely different (props). Written code on letterbox, written by Ellie (theirs), no narration-Didn’t needs any dialogue to show how much they cared for each other. Audio=Contempt
· Ellie+Carl are so different i.e. Ellie=Confident, more dominant in their relationship, Carl=Shy e.g. ‘Why don’t you talk?’ This is shown using the above conventions.
· Another unlikely relationship was developed between Carl+Russel. This’s shown by hugging Russel when he receives his badge (body language) Carl also gives the Grape soda badge or the ‘Ellie Badge’, his ‘most prized possession’. Carl represents his dad coz he didn’t turn up. Also had ice cream with him, which is what he and his dad used to do together, making up for Carl’s lack of time spent with his father. ‘Careful Russel’, when Russel is being played with with Kevin. Symbolic to protection. ‘I’m here for him’ ‘I want you safe.’ Cal says to Russel when he goes to save Kevin (dialogue). Russel tells Carl about his father (represents that he trust Carl) and ‘My New Adventures ‘written code.
· All the above is symbolic to family. Cal appears to like a grandpa to Russel
· Life should be enjoyed +experienced
· Despite the fact that Carl+Ellie were very happy together, towards the end of Ellie’s life, Cal realised that they hadn’t experienced going to Paradise Falls, which had been a childhood goal, and had further turned into a life goal. This was symbolised by the jar (prop), which contained their savings, it had the written code ‘Paradise Falls.’ Every time it looked almost full-achieving dream, life would throw them a challenge i.e. car problems, tree falling on house, going to hospital. Years later, finally Carl reaches Paradise Falls and meets their hero, Charles Muntz, he thinks he has had the adventure of his life and there’s nothing more to look forward to. However,...


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