Choosing To Work At Family Business Or Not Rutgers University Essay

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12.Do you agree that it is better to work for business owned by someone else than to work for the business of one‘s own family
In the modern business world, CEOs move between different company, sometimes owning a share of the company they run and often not owning any share. Some people in the business world believe that it is either better to work for business owned by someone else or work for the business of one’s own family. However, I disagree with the statement since I believe it is too general. I believe that there should be a case by case analysis, and that working for business owned by someone else is better in some cases but less attractive in other cases.
If one is very capable, then it is better for one to work for business owned by one’s family. Inside a business of one’s own family, a person would be more trusted by other people to run the business. Since it is owned by one’s family, this person would normally try his best at maximizing the company’s (and also his own) profit. Therefore, the person would be given more opportunities to work at different important positions to understand the business more thoroughly. The person would also have a bigger chance at getting an important management position. Take the daughter of the chairman of a gigantic food corporation in the United States as an example. She went to Harvard and earned a business degree as an undergrad and was her father’s favorite child. Immediately after her return, she was given multiple opportunities inside the corporation and learned a lot from these experiences. Later on, she started working side by side with her father and initiated several successful innovations in the company that boosted the business and earned herself a path towards managing the entire company in the future. In this case, the woman is capable and strong-willed, therefore it is better for her to work for business owned...

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