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The Christian issue of whether salvation is exclusive only to people who have heard the Bible or exposed to the Christian community has been viewed differently by Catholics and Evangelicals. Catholics tend to have a more tolerant perspective while still holding on to the importance of Christian teachings while Evangelicals carry a more exclusivist or doubtful view.The Vatican II series of Catholic bishop meetings in the 1960s established what would be the obtaining position of the Roman Catholic Church towards other religions. Variously termed ...view middle of the document...

Vatican II's "Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to Non-Christian Religions" suggests that Christians could learn from other contemplative traditions especially since adaptation to these cultures would help make non-Christians more receptive to Christ and Christianity (Imperato 20).One developed theory that explains how salvation can be availed of by people beyond the confines of Christianity is propounded by theologian Karl Rahner. Rahner points to the transcendental presence of God, or God's presence in all human hearts, that is manifested through natural human restlessness to open to the infinite or God. This "natural openness to God" independent of whether a person knows the word or concept of God is seen through the human yearning for truth and goodness (Imperato 20). Thus any moral decision at the expense of one's status or pleasure becomes an act of worship or surrender to God.Herein, Rahner developed the concept of the 'anonymous Christian' to explain the idea that people can still live their lives according to God even without the language about God (Imperato 24).This is based on his posits that: God, who wishes to see all men saved, cannot possibly consign all who are non-Christians to the damnation of hell, and Christ is the only way to salvation.


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1044 words - 5 pages Jennifer Jouran Contemporary Evangelical Christianity In our modern day society, the term “evangelical Christian” has been commonly used. “In recent years the number of people who identify themselves as evangelical Christians has increased dramatically, making their presence impossible to ignore” (Sweeney.) Their social and strong political viewpoints have placed them into the middle of a remarkable amount of controversy in the past and present

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3199 words - 13 pages Select a theme, and compare how TWO sacred texts from faith communities covered in this unit address that theme.  Examples might include love; virtue; prayer; fasting; human relationships; sexuality; the afterlife; judgement; war; sin. CO2913391 BA Hons ST5250 Religions in Contemporary Britain Phil Rawlings Words: 2971 4th May 2018 While all religions have different opinions and beliefs about life and their journey, none can deny that death is

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3174 words - 13 pages 1 THE HISTORY AND ORIGINS OF HINDUISM University School of Religion The History and Origins of Hinduism By World Religions RELT-458A (W) 26 April 2019 Outline I. Introduction – Hinduism is an assorted collection of religion, logic, and social practice local to and overwhelming in India, portrayed by a confidence in rebirth and an incomparable being of numerous structures and natures, by whether contradicting hypotheses are parts of one endless

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493 words - 2 pages because he loved them. This is one of the most important teachings in Christianity.Christianity played a major role in the Roman Empire in the years after. Christianity helped establish many communities, tribes, and other religions. Christianity is the most popular religion in the today. It is worshiped all over the world, in the countries, cities, and communities.

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424 words - 2 pages How is it that three different religious fashions are so similar at their very essence? Although Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are different religions, they are similar in many ways. While each religion has a broad spectrum, their basic belief systems are more alike than we think. The three religions have similar positions in believing in a higher power, similar law systems, and they all three are led by a prophet. These core beliefs and

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638 words - 3 pages from many different Gods, while in Christianity there is only one supreme God. The manner of which one obeys the rules has an impact on a persons afterlife. Christians who obey the Commandments and do not sin stay eternally in Heaven. Those who disobey dwell in Hell for their mistakes. Ancient Egyptians spent their afterlife in the Other World and can be resurrected back to earth by a god or powerful human. The beliefs of ancient Egypt and modern Christianity have their differences and similarities, but the ideas of the Christians have made their mark on the world becoming the worlds largest religions, even taking over a majority of the Egyptian beliefs.

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820 words - 4 pages emphasis on encountering God in the give and take of human historical events has remained an important feature of Judaism. The Jewish emphasis on history has been adopted by Christianity and Islam.Judaism, Christianity and Islam trace their ancestry to Abraham.(World Religions) Judaism is the oldest of these faiths. Jews accept the Torah, as supplemented by Rabbinical commentaries, as the basis of their belief. Judaism is currently divided into three


476 words - 2 pages Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam The largest continent in the world is Asia. Within that continent and some other countries, three major world religions flourish. They are Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Hinduism was the earliest religion out of the three, then Buddhism, then Islam. Other than their geographical proximity they differ in many ways. This paper is essentially contrasts their differences. Hinduism is a large religion. 13% of the

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2622 words - 11 pages others in an attempt of restoring normalcy in the world. This is not an obligation of Christianity which is a major difference of the two religions. 7. Coming of the Messiah According to Christianity, Messiah who is considered as Jesus has already come to the world and will come for a second time and ascend to heaven with the righteous while wrong doers will be left behind (Young, 2009). This is unlike Judaism where Jews believe that Messiah has

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2001 words - 9 pages Free Ever since people could imagine, they questioned what is life, what is the meaning of life and what happens after death. Religion is the answer. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the Western religions, or Abrahamic religions, because they all believe in Abraham, an important prophet in all three faiths. These religions believe in one all-powerful God who created the world.1 There are many Eastern religions, but the main two are Hinduism and

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623 words - 3 pages central authority that were frequently subject to slave raids. “Small-scale kinship-based societies lacking the protection of a strong state, were thoroughly disrupted by raids from more powerful neighbors.” Compare the processes (what was different, what was the same) by which Christianity and Islam became world religions? Christianity and Islam both came from the same geographical and and cultural setting. Christianity spread from Spain and England

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358 words - 2 pages Olivia Hafner 4/9/14Religion Essay Core: 4The four oldest religions are Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. They all have different beliefs and allow us to get an idea of how their societies worked. The rules and laws help their people to do the right thing and keep the societies functioning.All four of these religions have a belief system that effects its people in many ways. Judaism and Christianity believe and follow the Ten

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1532 words - 7 pages overcome trials and tribulations. Christianity is a religion that has endless beliefs and means something different to everyone. I believe that christianity makes Americans pretend to be something they not and make them follow made up stories. Christians makes americans live with a fear of dying, to be against each other, and also to live for somebody else's expectations. They are one of the world biggest religions in the world today

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2149 words - 9 pages believes in only having 1 wife, instead of six and treating her good.There are many concepts that these religions share, because both religions have a common origin from Abraham. It is understandable why these religions are so popular in the world. Despite their similarities, they both have differences which explain why not everyone subscribes to one religion over the other.Works CitedRobinson, B.A. "Comparing Christianity and Islam." Religious

A Comparative Study Of Greek And Celtic Pagan Religions, The Variations Between Them And Their Demise Through The Christian Movement

3023 words - 13 pages Free Variations exist within all religions. These variations are formed as a result of a number of influences experienced by not only individuals but the society as a whole. Throughout history religions have developed, diminished as well as formed the basis for many contempory religions, notably Christianity. It is the latter however which caused the downfall of Paganism, in particular ancient Celtic and Greek belief and which resulted in the church