Critical Analysis And Evaluation Of Pros And Cons About Teenagers Who Work As Part Time Sim Assignment

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The article explains some pros and cons about teenagers who work as part-time or full-time worker during the school year. Projects and research have been done by the author himself and other researchers to make this article trustworthy. He also gives some suggestions to help readers who need some advices to make their own decision to work or not during their study.
Critical Response
In the first paragraph, it is clear that the author explains the negative effects that could possibly happen to students who work during the school year due to the research and projects that he and other researchers have done.
But, the research about students who work during the school year tends to have poorer academic performance cannot be completely true. The effects that he made seem to be unfair, because, there are students who do not really like studying, low in their academic performance and as the result, they perform bad in their study. Moreover, they prefer to work part-time to spend their time in avoiding their boredom in their study.
Most would not agree because taking work during the school year can not be the only thing that makes students more likely to be involved in a variety of problem behaviors. Things such as delinquency, cigarette and drug can happen to unemployed students as well. There are a lot of cases wh...


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